Thursday, January 31, 2008

OK, promissed you a step by step of my LO in progress, so here it is:
This is where I started:

Then I created a journaling spot by painting a cake "thingy" (sorry, no idea what they are called) brown and stamped a journaling cirkel on it:

I decided that the background was to "dull" and changed it for corded cardboard:
Added some buttons to the flowers:
Wrote my journaling on the journaling spot using a white pen and thought it would be nice to ad a little strip of paper on the left site of the picture and use a stamp on the upper left corner.
Was a little nervous about that because I was afraid the stamp would work out differently on the paper and the picutere. But then I thought, well... the worst thing that can happen is that I will have to print out my picture again, so I just tried and liked the result:
Added thread to the flowers and buttons and adhered them on the LO using glue dots (they are the best for adhering flowers and buttons!!!):
Decided which letters to use for my title and painted them white:
Finally I distressed the edges of the cardboard:
And this is the final result:
BTW The title "een nieuw petje" means "a new hat"
Don't you just love these Prima supplies??? I do!!
Yesterday evenig at my crop I made this LO for OLW. Actually it was not done when the crop was but I was not tired at all and my head was still full of scrapbooking so I kept scrapping untill the LO was finished, which was at 0.45 a.m. ....and then I still couldn't sleep. But hey, my LO was done! :)
The word this week is Create: To cause to exist; bring into being; To give rise to; produce; To invest with an office or title; To produce through artistic or imaginative effort.
The title of my LO is: "Your smile creates love in my heart"
Wish I had the time to play along every time! Love these challenges!
Thanks again for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the step by step!
It's almost weekend, have a nice one!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got my issue of Creatief met Foto's February today, which means that I can show some of the things I made for the December issue.

Thought I'd start with some LO's I made for an article about my DD's Idol Maud.
Used the KI Memories Pop Culture line here.

And a little sneaky of one of this months articles. Don't miss it! :)
Right now I'm working on this LO below. Looking at it a moment ago I thought it might be fun showing you my process of creating a LO. So I will make more pictures of this LO in progress and show them later this week. Could be it turnes out totally different than you or I expect right now, haha, but that's part of the fun, right?!
So, if you're curious to see the result make sure to check in later!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Visually Inspired was the title of one of Ali Edwards blog entries a little while ago. "A happy little collection of images that are inspiring me right now." she said. I thought that was fun and decided to make an inspiring collage like that for myself. Thought I'd share it with you, who knows maybe you get inspired by it too!

In a comment on my last post Veerle asked what paper I used in the last sneak peek. Actually it is not paper but a Prima journaling square. They are called super-fabulous journaling squares and are sold in a little box of a 100 squares in 10 different gorgeous designs. Also available is the super-fabulous journaling notebook. Same designs but a little bigger and on cardstock in stead of paper. Fun, fun, fun!!

Joke asked if the Knallende Karsdagen are open for public but unfortunately they are only for retailers . So Joke, unless you know a nice store owner who's willing to take you, I'm afraid you can't come...

Yesterday I had an advertisement e-mail from Scrapbook Trends Magazine introducing the Embellish 2008 book (in which are 3 of my LO's) and a picture of the cover of the februari issue with my Valentine LO on the cover :) :) :) I think it looks great! Can't wait to get my copies and see them in real!!

Thanks for letting me toot! ;)

BTW I was tagged by Dusti to tell 7 random things about myself.... it's not easy coming up with 7 things about me that are interesting enough to share so I thought I'd ask you what you want to know about me :) Just leave a comment and I'l try to answer one of these days :)

Wish you all a wonderful week!!

The pain in my chest has gone, I've got a new camera and gorgeous supplies to work with for some assignments so things are good again!!!
Wednesday my new 400D arrived and I'm very pleased with it. Have been playing around a little and found some nice options my 300D didn't have.
Wish I could have gone out a little to make some pictures but the weather has been really bad. Hopefully it will be better this weekend!!

I will be demonstrating at the Knallende Kars Dagen end of february and the manufacturer they've asked me to work with is Prima. How cool is that?? I sooo love the Prima products and you won't believe all the gorgeous supplies Kars have send me! I feel like a child in a candy store and can't hardly choose which products to start with. I have all the patterend paper, loads of flowers in all sizes and colors, paintables, notebooks, ribbon and more... I already made 3 LO's and an altered object and my head is still full of inspiration. Can't show anything yet but I can share some sneak peeks (thanks to my new camera :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I know what I'll be doing ;)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still no camera, still no pictures back. Looks like my harddisk is gone forever.
I'm considering buying the Canon 400D in stead of sending my 300D out for reparation...Reparement will cost about 150 euro's. My camera is 3 years old and I made almost 20.000 pictures so a new, little more advanced camera might be a better option.... What would you do?
(****edited***** Yay!! just ordered my new 400D and it's arriving tomorrow :))

Arrgghh, and as if this is not enough for a bad start of the year I had to go to the doctor last week because of really heavy pain in my right chest, which made even my arm, back and shoulder hurt with every breath I took. It was really painful and a bit scary too! Found out I'm having Tiezes Syndrome. I had never heard of it. This is what I found about it on the internet:

Your ribs attach to a large bone in the center of your chest in the front. To help you breathe in, your muscles raise your rib cage and to help you breathe out, they relax and let your ribs drop. Therefore, your ribs form a movable joint where they attach to your chest bone. It is common for people to get arthritis (or in my case an infection) in these joints which hurts particularly when they breathe. Tietze's syndrome usually goes away in a few weeks or months with no treatment. However, you can block the pain with arthritis medication or take a xylocaine injection into the painful joints.

So I got painkillers and hope it will only take a few weeks in stead of months!!

The last couple of days I've been working on an assignment for Creatief met foto's.
Alice was so kind to let me use her camera so I could make some sneak peeks!

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by!
Have a nice week!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aaarrgggg!!! The year is not starting really well for me. First my camera broke down, now my external hard disk crashed.... with all my photographs from before 2007 on it. The computer store called yesterday that they don't think they can get things back..... pfffff, can you imagine how I feel??? Please keep your fingers crossed that they find a way after all!!

So... not much to show right now except this LO I made for the latest issue of Scrap!
It was for an article about candy inspiration and I made the picture of the gum balls to use as my inspiration. The Picture of Marlijn with her Knuffel was taken by Anita Mundt.


Friday, January 11, 2008

'The Buzz' is now taking bookings for our fabulous scrapbooking weekend in March, details can be found here in English and here in Dutch.
After several requests we have also decided to run a one day 'Get to Know Your Digital SLR Camera' workshop in April. The numbers on this course will be limited to ensure a small group where everyone will get the personal attention needed. So, if you really want to come you need to book fast! Click for details
here in English and here in Dutch.

Monday, January 07, 2008

I hope you all had a good go into the new year! Mine was not the way I planned or hoped it would be! I was sick, spend 5 of the 7 vacation days in bed (yep, also new years eve)! The last two days I refused to spend in bed, wanted to see at least SOMETHING of Zeeland, but looking back it would have been wiser if I just stayed under the blankets because I had a fever until last wednesday! Pffff, I can't remember when I last felt so misserable. But it's going better now, looking forward to start scrapping again!! Haven't done anything in the last 2 weeks!

Unfortunatly my camera really died, have to send it away for reparement. My BIL gave me his camera to take on vacation so the one afternoon I actually got to go to the beach I could at least take some pictures. This one is my favourite of Anne wearing her new cap which I think really suites her!
I've been playing around with it a little and would love to hear which one you like best!
The first one is the original.


Anne took this picture of Erik and me. We are on the Beach, listening to "Hier aan de kust" van Blof on Erik's I-pod.

Can you tell it was cold? :)
Thanks for stopping by!