Monday, July 03, 2006


Last tuesday we celebrated Anne's 12th birthday. Pfffff..... can't believe I have a 12 year old daugther.... I must be getting old, heehee!
We gave her a computer (also because she needs it for school after summer). She wanted it so badly but didn't dare hope for it! I told her she had to sleep with me the night before the birthday because we had a surprise in the morning that needed to be done in our bedroom. When she was a sleep in the evening Erik put the computer in her room. In the morning he opened her own website and put a towel over it. Then we brought her to her room and let her take the towel away. I expected her to scream so loud people could hear her 2 blocks away but she was speechless.. she whispered "thank you" and gave us a big hug. She was just to happy to scream...

It was a great day, the weather was nice so we could sit outside and have a little BBQ.
We had her a birthday cake with her (eatable) picture on it and she thought it was pretty cool!
Saturday she had a party with her friends. They went to the movie "Zoop in India" and then came home to eat gourmet. On their way home they decided it would be great if all the girls could stay for a sleep over and since I didn't have any good reason to say no, that's what happend. At almost 3 in the night I went to their room to tell them the had to be quiet because I would like to get some sleep. Now you would expect them to sleep in, right? No way... I woke up because I heard them giggling at 7.45 am!
Well at least they had fun!!

Yesterday we went to my sisters house to celebrate my sisters birthday. She lives on a farm and has a big, big garden. It was realy hot and while the adults sat in the shade, eating and drinking and enjoying the great weather the kids played in the little swimming pool. Unfortunatly I forgot to bring my camera :( so I don't have pictures to show you the fun, but fun they had.

Today is another hot day, Anne is having a schooltrip to Walibi Flevo and her dad is one of the parents that went with them. I'm sure they have an awesome day. Lennart is to school now and Marlijn is playing outside in the garden.

I think I will go finish the things I have to do quickly so I can sit in the garden this afternoon and read some life style magazines and dream about our new house! Only 30 days left before we get the key!!


Blogger D@nielle said...

Looks like a great weekend, too bad you forgot your camera but I liked the ones from Anne's birthday and her b'day party sounds like a party should be ! WOW almost moving a new house sounds fun, it's the moving part that I always hate .... Good luck with a smooth move !

12:45 PM

Blogger corinne5 said...

oooh what a great b-day gift! and that cake is beautiful just like she should let her model she is gorgeous!
ALWAYS bring your camera! and get packing!


3:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! 12 already! Such a nice age. Is she off to high school in the fall?

By the way, I saw the mud walking layout on the Scrap-club gallery. Love it! Colours are great.

Good luck with the packing and stuff. Can't wait to hear about the move.

Take care.

11:15 AM

Blogger Brigitta said...

Nice entry in your Blog Birgit, it's all happening now, isn't it??

Lovely birhtdaycake Anne got. I do this for Jennifer as well, but a different theme every year. The biggest succes was the one with David Beckham ;-))

I know you're a real heatfreak, but I'd be glad with a few degrees less.

Happy packing ;-))

10:55 PM

Blogger rev said...

ahhh she's so cute!! And what a cool surprise to get!! Too cool. Love her birthdaycake!

2:09 PM


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