Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Sunday!

The last two days I've been working at the Knotsgekke Kaartendagen (Crazy cardmaking days) in Leeuwarden. It is an event for cardmakers in the first place but they are trying very hard to introduce scrapbooking wit the cardmakers. I did demo's for a Craft shop in Leeuwarden. I really love to do these kind of things. I just sit there and scrap while people come and ask questions. Bassicly I'm just doing what I like to do most all day and get payed for it too!
Friday there was someone from the local television station interviewing the organizer of the event in front of my boot. I thought gosh... I don't hope he's coming my way but of course he did. He asked me if he could film me and I asked him if I had to speak. He said: of course! I will just ask you some questions and that's it... simple... Aaaah, I thought I was dieying right there *LOL* But I said ok! I asked him when it was braodcasted and het said "tonight at local tv every hour". So we sat in front of the tv fot about 1,5 hour but didn't see anything. The next morning I asked some people at the event if they had seen it and they said it was on tv Leeuwarden and on national television, but... they only talked about cardmaking, not a word about scrapbooking... how stupid is that??? So my first tv appearence turned out to be no tv appearence at all....

Last week I took the 3 product challenge at 2Peas. The challenge was to use KI Memories, notebook paper and rubons. I thought that was fun and decided to try. I had all the ingredients on my desk and just started working. When I was finished I was quit happy with the result... until I niticed I forgot the notebook paper... *LOL* and no way to fix it. So here's my challenge failure:

I like it anyway!

Friday my kit from scrap-club arrived! It's beautiful, can't wait to get started with all the yummy goodies!

Have a great sunday!


Blogger rev said...

Hi Birgit,
Well, that's nice, being cut out of the tv interview.... I once had a simple interview for work (also really very local...), and I thought you only saw me walking by, hahaha. Well, your LO is stunning, LOL no notebook paper, it's even better this way, right?!

11:11 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

I think your layout is awesome!

2:46 PM

Anonymous Connie said...

Hey die Birgit, leuk he zo'n interview.Hij heeft zeker geen verstand van scrapbooking,anders had hij je er nooit uitgeknipt,want het is nog leuker dan 3d kaarten maken en erg besmettelijk,Ik vind het heerlijk om te doen en mag graag naar je LO kijken,Ze zijn stuk voor stuk prachtig.

10:09 AM

Anonymous Dusti said...

I am excited that I found your blog Birgit! I laughed when I saw the pictures of your house that is for sale. We are in the process of trying to sell our house and I posted pictures of our house on my blog as well! I love your house, especially your kitchen. I am looking forward to seeing the inside of your new house. We don't have a new house yet, just trying to sell our house. It's a total pain, as you must already know! Your scrapwork on here is awesome! Okay, off to clean up the house so that we can color Easter eggs. I can't remember if you guys celebrate Easter there? If you do, then Happy Easter!

9:35 AM

Blogger rev said...

Hi Birgit,
Okay, you've been tagged you lazy bloggirl ::::)))

4:40 AM


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