Sunday, March 30, 2008

I bought Marlijn a new t-shirt yesterday and she loves it so no question what she wanted to wear today :) Normally, when she's wearing something new, she's quite happy to have her picture taken so I had to take advantage of that! She agreed on a little photoshoot and I took about 80 pictures in 10 minutes. Here are some of my favs... you see that last one? She's hard to resist when she says "please, mommy...." with a face like that :)

The new issue of Creatief met Foto's will be out any day now so I thought I could share some of my LO's that were in the february issue:

Isn't it funny how history repeats it self, especially in clothing... When I was 16-17 I wore skinny jeans and my mom told me that she did too when she was my age. No my DD is wearing only skinny jeans, nothing else will do! and 20 years ago I had a scarf just like the one Anne is wearing in the picture. Feels like going back in time!

For my 13 year old daugther brands are quite important. So she "needs" to wear Björn Borg underwear and it needs to show... :)
Don't forget to check The Buzz blog tomorrow since the first prompt for the 7 in 7 photo challenge will be up, together with our takes on it! Please show us what you come up with! Have fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I had a very nice and quiet one. We stayed home the whole weekend which is quite exceptional for us and I loved it. We hoped for snow but no luck again this time. It was wet and cold! Yesterday was the best day and we went out for a drive to see little lambs but we didn't find any.

Guess it looked nicer than it was. It was just to cold and the farmers kept them all inside.

I had a VERY creative weekend. Don't know what happend to me. I took my scrap supplies down and sat at the kitchen table. On saturday, between doing the laundry, preparing lunch, refurnishing Anne's room, having dinner, watching tv adn having my family around, I finished 4! (four!) LO's!!!! I have never ever before finished 4 LO's in one day! Normally I'm quite happy if I finish 1 and 2 is already very rare.... but 4!
I don't know... I had the inspiration, a great assignement and the most gorgeous supplies to work with... and it just all came together. The rest of the weekend I finished 3 more LO's so 7 in total in 3 days!!
I have to say, I'm quite pleased :)
So, to give you an idea of this awesome fun article I'll show you some sneaks:

Curious to see more? Sorry! You'll have to be patient and make sure you don't miss CMF's june issue :)

And last but not least... check out The Buzz blog to see who the winner of the Easter challege is and find inspiration in a new fun challenge!!!

Have a great week!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I promissed pictures of the bag I made for Scrap! so here they are:

The bag was a birthday present I got from my friend
Anita. She had it printed at HEMA and I pimped it with felt, flowers and buttons. Fun huh?!

And here are some more sneak peeks from the article I'm doing for the june issue of
CmF. Don't they look yummy? Mmmmm, such fun materials to work with! I know you're all very curious who makes those cute little owls.... I'm not gonna tell you... yet :) Be patient!

A little while ago I received the "You make my day"-award from
Mariska and I passed it on to Willis (Anita). Now I found out I had to pass it on 4 times to different bloggers. And I want to do it right so I need give it to 3 more people. It was not easy making a choice. As you can see on the right side of this blog there are a lot of bloggers that make my day every now and then.
But I made my choice:
I'm giving it to
Sasha, because her crazy, sweet and enthousiastic comments on everything I post on SIStv always make my day!
I'm also giving it to
Christiane. I love her bright, fun and funky LO's and besides that she just a sweetie! :)
Finally I'm giving it to
Alice. She's rather new to scrapbooking and coming almost every week to crop with me! I love her enthousiasm to learn everything about scrapbooking and how she tries to find her own style. She started a blog not so long ago so check her out and make her day by leaving a comment! :)
This one is for you girls!!:

And I give it to anybody who leaves a comment here on my blog every now and then!
You all make my day! Thanks :)


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So, it's tuesday again already! And what have we been doing the last couple of days? I don't know... I've been busy, but if I look back it seems like I've not been doing that much.
Well that's not true. I've been working on a totally fun project for the june issue of CmF all saturday and part of yesterday. It's finished now and I'm soooo happy with how it turned out! Totally cute!

Here's just a little sneak peek:

Saturday Marlijn went to a crafting afternoon in church where she and about 80 other children decorated Palm Sunday Crosses. She had a lot of fun and brought home a wonderful cross.

On Sunday we went to Wijchen to celebrate my nephews first birthday. Unbelievable that he is 1 already!

Yesterday afternoon Marlijn and I spend almost 3 hours in hospital. Marlijn has a navel rupture since she was born and now the time has come to operate, close the hole in her abdominal wall and give her a "normal" navel.
So, we had a consult with the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and a nurse who showed Marlijn with pictures how the day will look when she comes in for day treatment. It's only a minor procedure and we can take her home after 2-3 hours, but still...
Anyway I think we actually talked to people about 15 minutes in total. The rest of the time we spend waiting! Ahrggg, hospitals!!
And now we have to wait 'till we get a call when we have to come!

Oh, before I forget... Have you seen the awesome goodie box you can win if you participate in the Buzz Blog Easter Challenge? If not and if you want to know what's in there and how to make a chance of winning it, click here, or on the Buzz Blog button on the right side!

BTW: Did you see the new Scrap! ? I've got a fun pimped handbag in there, will show pictures later!


For Nancy... you asked what programm I use for making the mosaïcs! It's, go to Moasaïc Maker. Have fun! It's free!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Check us out!

The Buzz has a new blog!!!! it will be jammed pack full of inspiration, challenges and information! Check it out by clicking on the logo below...

And there is even a chance to win a RAK for the first post!!! A new workshop agenda is also up, so if you feel like a little creativity, check it out and sign up!! The photography workshop is our first one and there are a few places left. If you have bought a new digital slr camera and have no idea how to take it out of automatic mode...this is the course for you!!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A nice and quiet weekend

Yesterday morning Erik, Marlijn and me went to see Lennart play soccer.

Viboa D2 (Lennart's team) against GVAV D5. Lennart scored a great goal, but although Viboa was ahead the first half of the game it ended 3-3. Well at least they didn't loose :)

After the game I did some groceries and the laundry and after lunch I took Marlijn to the drugstore to get her some nailpolish. She really wanted me to polish her nails since she saw Anne doing her's last week. I didn't really like to use Anne's red color for Marlijn though, so we went out and bought some nice pink and as you can see Marlijn is very happy with the result :)

In the afternoon we read some books and played some games.
Anne went shopping with a girlfriend in Groningen and came home with a new summer jacket. I'm giving her a clothing allowance since last month and she's quite excited about it. I'm very curious to see how she's gonna handle it!
In the evening she went away again for a sleep over party at a friends house.

When I was reading all my fav blogs last night I came along Mariska's and found out she gave me the "You make my day award". Which, of course, made my day :) Thanks so much Mariska, that's so sweet of you!

So, now I'm passing it on to Anita, well actually to Willis, Anita's adorable dog who made me laugh out loud today when I saw his picture (which was of course taken by his lady boss :)).

This morning Erik and Lennart left for the HISWA in Amsterdam. It's a big boat show where you can see everyhting that's new regarding boats. They took one of Lennarts friends along. Erik just mailed me this picture with his cell phone and I'm sure they're having a wonderful day! I don't expect them home until 8.
Anne wasn't going to get home until noon today so Marlijn and I went up to my scraproom to be a little creative.

Marlijn decorated some eggs for Easter, colored some pictures and played a few educative games on the computer while I was making some cards. She loves to "work" with me in my scraproom and I really enjoy having her around too! She's very creative and loves using my scrap supplies, my markers and paint.

When Anne came home she wasn't really feeling very well. She was very tired and feeling sick. She said she didn't eat anything of the candy, chips and cake at the party because she was feeling sick already last night. She went to bed shortly after she got home. I hope she's not getting ill!

Marlijn and I spend the afternoon doing nothing... playing, reading, watching t.v.
While I was making the mosaïcs on my laptop Marlijn read me a story (yep, she's learned herself to read in the last 2 month, it's amazing! In stead of me reading Jip & Janneke to her in the evening when she goes to bed it's the other way around and she is reading it to me!)

Now dinner is in the oven (pizza, we're taking it easy :)) and Marlijn is watching Dora.
Outside it's cold and rainy but in here it's cozy and warm.
I love lazy sunday afternoons like this and I feel like we don't have them enough....
So I will remember this one... probably even scrap it :)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Yesterday Marlijn brought a girlfriend home from school to play. Their favorite thing to do lately is to dress up like princesses. Marlijn has several princess dresses, she's always loved to dress up. She's a real girly girl for that matter :) and once she has her dress on it stays on for the rest of the day so I've been out doing the groceries with a princess by my side more than once :)
There are always people telling her how beautiful she looks and than her whole face starts to shine and her eyes sparkle and I love that!!
It's pretty clear that she loves the attention, I bet she's going to be an actrice when she grows up!

Marlijn and her girlfriend Lieke.

Finished another LO yesterday.
I found some baby pictures of Marlijn from 4,5 years ago. She was only 9 month then. Since I wasn't scrapbooking yet back then I'd never used them. So I wanted to make a baby page but I wanted it to be funky. No pale and soft pink for my girl, she's got way to much attitude for that LOL!
So this is what I came up with and I'm quit pleased with the result:

The weekend of May 23-25 I will be teaching workshops at Tiny's Hobby in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Two evening workshops on friday and saturday and a day workshop on saterday. Also I will be demonstrating in the store on sunday.
The next couple of days I will be working on the workshop examples and I will show some sneak peeks as soon as I'm ready. For more information, prices and details you can visit/contact Tiny's Hobby here.

Hey, it's weekend!
Have a great one!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So... I lost my mojo... at least I think that's what happened last week!
I didn't scrap AT ALL for a whole week. Didn't feel like scrapping, didn't have any inspiration, sat down one evening for half an hour looking at the papers and went downstairs to watch television.
Stupid huh? Now I finally had one week without any deadlines, to do whatever I want, and I do nothing!
Anyway, yesterday evening I suddenly felt the need to scrap and so I did :)
Finished a whole LO! and another one this morning! YAY! It's back :)

So here they are:
Daddy can I have your aj-pod? :

Journaling sais: It's no fun being sick and after a few days on the couch there's no fun in watching tv anymore. Luckely daddy just has a new i-pod with a lot of songs and picutres on it. And before you know it another hour has gone by... I wrote i-pod the way Marlijn pronounces it :) The "flowers" where totally inspired by the marvelous Jen Jockish, just gotta love her gorgeous work!

The old beech tree:

My sister lives on a farm where she has a very big garden with a giant beech tree in it! Can you imagine how fun it is to climb that tree? In the picutre my DS and youngest DD with their cousins Tim and Daan.

And now I'm off to do a little more scrapping, haha!