Saturday, April 05, 2008

Out of my comfort zone...

I stepped totally out of my comfort zone today… twice! And girls, did I have fun!!
This morning I felt like just playing around a little with some paint and bubble wrap (yep, the big pink circles are made with mega bubble wrap), stamps, painting tape and rubons.
I challenged myself to make a LO without using ANY patterned paper, which I can’t remember to have ever done before. That was one!
My pictures are always my starting point. A LO is build around the pictures and starts with choosing the right paper with the picture(s) I want to scrap.
Today I started a LO without having any idea of which picture I was going to use. That was two!
I thought I’d just start playing and see where the process brings me… maybe the whole painting and taping thing wasn’t going to work out at all anyway.
But while I was at it I loved what was happening on my paper more and more and when I was almost ready with my background I knew exactly which picture had to go with it.
This is one of many, many pictures my DD Anne and her girlfriends take whenever they have the chance. They use a little camera or just their cell phone and post them on hyves and messenger.
The rather bad quality of the pictures, the angle and the way the girls photoshop them in black and white often give them an artsy feel which I totally love!
I thought this picture was made for this background or vice versa!
Anne loves this LO (and that’s quite rare, especially since she’s in there :) and so do I! Hehe… feel a little bit like an artist… and feel a lot like trying more of this tomorrow!

A little bit of (dutch) journaling is on a tag underneath the picture and sais so much as:
How delightful it is to be a teenager!
To not worry about time or about who might be waiting for you…
To just go to the H&M on a busy Saturday afternoon and hold a dressing room for an hour to take pictures of yourself and each other…
Anne and Rosanne, January 2008

Enjoy your Sunday!
P.s. the idea of using the tape “folded” like this was inspired by a LO Heidi made.


Blogger Ellen, said...

Tell me is there any way of scrapping that isn´t "comfortable" for you??

Thise page is superb!!
Love the colorcombo and surely love the theme!

1:07 PM

Blogger Alice said...

Wow, you did it again. I love the way your new style (:)) turned out.

The new CMF is in our house, weekend can't go wrong. Except for the knowledge that hubbie Hans also wants to have a look in the new CMF.

1:37 PM

Blogger Helfy said...

Oh this LO is fabulous...all that you touch becomes gold!it's great to see the results of your" no confortable zone"!

2:11 PM

Blogger scrappy jen d said...

Ohh, Birgit,

I just love the way you did this LO! You ARE an ARTIST, girl!
Like the bubbles!
I tried the smaller size, but it looks so very well!

Having my hands full...Doggie-time!


2:42 PM

Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

that is freeing isn't it? Exactly the way I do my layout :-) Gorgeous layout!

11:49 PM

Blogger Maya said...

OMG...I think you can safely step out of your comfortzone - this was just wonderful. So mange great details, and the colours are fantastic! You are a true inspiration!

12:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

heel erg mooi en de tape techniek is van eline haar workshop :)


12:03 AM

Blogger Frollein Rabenschwarz said...

That looks awesome - I really like your creative result :)

1:00 AM

Blogger A said...

SUPER mooi!

En de volgende keer als ik in een drukke H&M bij de pashokjes sta te wachten weet ik wat me te doen staat ;-)


2:14 AM

Blogger M@risk@ said...

Amazing layout. Totally different, but really cool stuff. TFS

3:41 AM

Blogger Monique Helfrich said...

Hai great artist! Je bent al net zo goed in het mixed media gebeuren als in het andere scrapwerk! Dat met het schilderstape deden we ook bij de ws van Celine Navarro; gaaf effect hè? En ik zie de meiden al helemaal voor me in zo'n pashokje ;)

4:01 AM

Blogger Lilian Schneider said...

O that tape! Such a great idea!!!!

4:24 AM

Blogger Mabo said...

Ik vind het een prachtige lay-out. Heel anders. Niet direct herkenbaar als een "Birgit".

5:31 AM

Blogger ~Nancy~ said...

Ooowwww.. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't bad at all huh!!!!! I can see why your daughter loves this too.. it's soooo coool.. every detail ROCKS!! The colorcombo is awesome too!!!!!! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration over and over again! XOXOXO

11:14 AM

Blogger Lietje said...

Geweldig !!!
'k heb dezelfde soort foto's op de pc (ook weer ge-zwart/wit ;-) )
En dacht altijd dat mijn DD rare dingen doet in de stad, schijnt dus bij de leeftijd te horen, haha.
en je LO, ook die vind ik leuk.

11:19 AM

Blogger D@nielle said...

So different from your usual style but it so fits the pic & story. It's FAB !

1:04 PM

Blogger FauveDesign said...

Awesome,great inspo!I'm gonna do this when i have some free time!So cool :D

3:07 PM

Blogger rev said...

OMG Birgit, totally stunning! wow, i so love it. the stuff you've used, the rubons, stamps, tape, cool pic, everything is just so cool together. love all your work, and this is so cool too. such a true artist, any style fits you girl!

1:43 AM

Blogger Janine Langer said...

Wow, Birgit, this looks turly wonderful. So fantastic!

3:08 AM

Blogger Petra said...

Geweldig Birgit. Helemaal nieuw maar het voelt ook wel als "van jou". Het klopt allemaal. Iets om trots op te zijn en vooral van te genieten!

5:05 AM

Blogger Marjolein said...

I love this!!! Most of the times I work exactly like you do, but this sounds like so much fun! I think I have to challenge myself to do this too, it can never go wrong can it? Love the photo btw!

4:06 PM

Blogger Shaggy60 said...

Erg mooie LO geworden. Het maakt ook niet uit, welke techniek(en) je gebruikt(!) |Het wordt telkens weer een eyecatcher.

6:25 AM

Blogger Miranda said...

Dit is gaaf zeg!!! Wil ik ook snel eens gaan proberen, ziet er echt super uit!!!

2:10 PM

Blogger linda loe said...

ha ha ik vind hem echt geweldig maar ja ik ben ook een freestyle dame/girl.
Je maakt mij niet blijer met een kwast en een paar potten verf.

11:22 AM

Blogger Kim Sonksen said...

I have been drooling over this over at SIS already. This is one amazing layout, everytime I look at it i see something new. LOVE IT

1:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

J'adore!! Elle est magnifique!!

11:20 AM

Blogger Bianca Alonso said...

wow! even out your confort zone, this lo is amazing!!!!

2:35 PM


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