Monday, May 29, 2006

Get inspired!

I've been camping... that's right... 4 days of rain on a row! I hate rain and I hate it even more when I'm camping.
We left on wednesday to a campingplace near the place where my in laws live. DD was invited by my BIL to come to a concert of a dutch singer she likes (Jan Smit) on thursday.

Besides that it was near Veghel where "De Creatie" (a stamping and scrapbook store) is and they organised a make-and-take and demo-day on saturday. As a member of their Inspiration Team I was doing a demonstration there. They also launched their first Get Inspired! Kit and I think it's going to be a big succes.
I demonstrated how to make nice titles and embellishments using chipboard, stamps and UTEE. Here a little example of the flowers I made:

The LO and the coaster-duo I made as examples for the kit.

Anne and Lennart actually found a bottle on the beach with a note saying "help me, I'm on a desserted Island" to bad there was no name on it to answer...

And while we were away Lennarts baby birds have grown and started to look just a little more like birds now. I think they are getting very cute now! He now also has a little baby finch!

Last week I've also been working on the LO's for the Scrap-club DT using the june-kit.
The first one is a picture of Anne made almost 10 years ago. It was in my regular photo album since I wasn't scrapping back then but it is one of my favorites of that time so I decided to get an extra print and still scrap it.

Journaling says:
Your life is a journey with dreams to pursue,
discovering what really matters to you,
for dreams are the voice of your wisdom within
that whispers the way on each path you begin...

so whether you dream of true love or success,
of knowledge, or sharing the gifts you possess,
believe in your hopes, for as strange as it seems,
your heart will find home if you follow your dreams.

The next one is just a quick and simple one using a picture of Lennart about 5 years ago. No story to tell, just a picture i love... I thought the picture and the big title din't need much more.

The third LO using the kit is in Dutch. A little conversation I had with my daughter a few weeks ago when she got home from school:
Anne: Mama, ik ben zó gelukkig!
Ik: Dat is fijn, maar hoezo dan?Anne: Omdat ik zonder jas ging fietsen en ik kreeg het helemaal niet koud!
(Anne: Mommy I'm sooo happy!
Me: That's great to hear, how come?
Anne: I just rode my bike without my coat on and I didn't get cold!)
It made me realize I'm not the only one that's desperate for some sun after a long, cold and wet winter...

The last LO I want to share today is one I made for an ad-challenge on 2Peas.
I love these kind of challenges, wish I had more time to do them!
I really like simple and clean LO's but while I'm working I always find myself adding things, I have a hard time to keep a LO really simple. Working with an ad like this keeps me from adding more and more, even though I still added a little :) PP is the beautiful new CherryArte.
I'm very pleased with the result!

This is the ad...

and here's my take on it:

Thought this was a funny subject to scrap. Normally people just talk about bad-hair-days but after my SIL did Marlijn's hair like this I thought it was a really good-hair-day :)

That's it for now, TFL!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

My new boots and some LO's

What I want to share today are my new boots. I bought them during my spring vacation at the Blokker (a ducth household shop) and I think they're pretty neat! Who says you can't be hip while gardening or on a rainy day at the campingplace...

Did a lot of scrapping this last week but are not able to show most of it yet...

But here are two I made just for myself:

This is Marlijn blowing bubbles ate the vacation house during our spring break.
Journaling says: Being on a spring vacation with the whole family is BLISS, Being able to play outside because the weather is so beuatiful is BLISS, blowing bubbles is BLISS.

The next one is Marlijn dressed up as a princess. She was sooo delighted when her teacher told her she could come to kindergarten wearing her princess dress. The teacher also said that she should ask her mommy for real lipstick and off course she did. And it was not even a special day it was just because Marlijn had been asking her teacher about it. Well, it absolutly made a special day for her. She was shining all the time and I could see her grow when people told her she looked sooooo pretty!
Well, about the LO... can't believe I actually made a purple one. It's far from my favorite color. I only used 1 time before on a LO and didn't like it at all. But these pictures just needed purple...
The design was inspired by Sarahak at two peace. Loved how she used the circle around the 2 smaller pictures.


Friday, May 19, 2006

How weird are you?

Came across this little weird quiz on Sophie's blog. Thought it was kind of funny. I'm not as normal as I thought. Want to find out how weird you are? Click on the link and play the game, you're more weird than you think!

You Are 70% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

Oh, and we have another ugly baby! All Lennarts birds are in an aviary in the garden but we decided he can have one of the new borns in a cage in his room when it's old enough and try to make it tame wich is very easy and fun with parakeets. Lennart is totaly excited!

Have fun with the quiz!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Birth announcement

Today my son Lennart's parakeet couple had their first baby. Can you imagine how thrilled he is!!?? He called it Pidgie. Lennart's been waiting for this for weeks ever since he made them a nest box. It's amazing that such an ugly naked little thing is going to be a beautiful parakeet. There are two more eggs so hopefully at the end of this week there'll be a happy family of five :)
His canaries and little finches are also having eggs so I'm crossing my fingers for my DS that they're all coming out. I'll let you know!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Time flies!

Gosh, time is flying these days! One moment I'm packing for a week spring vacation the next it's thirsday 2 weeks later... I'm getting a little nervous now, before I know it it will be august 1th. and we'll be moving house. So much to be done before that!

About our vacation.
It's a long tradition that we go on a spring break with my entire family in law. Ever since Erik and I started dating (1986!) and even before that.
The amount of familymembers might have grown by the years, the concept is always the same. We rent a big family house somewhere in the Netherlands and come together for a great week of fun, eating, drinking, relaxing.
We're 19 people by now of wich 8 children under 12 years.
Most of the time when I tell people about it they start screaming... 19 people???? ONE house??? a whole week??? and it works???? Yes, it works. Everybody is free to do what he wants and becouse we're so many there's almost always someone who likes to do the same as you do. They girls go shopping, the men go navigating, the kids go swimming (with grandma :))
There's only one problem... the weeks just to short!
So here just a few pictures of our lovely week.

From my vacation adress I went to Belgium. I was asked to come and demonstrate at a local Craft store in Kortrijk near the French border. I had been there last year and looked forward to go there again. I arrived on friday at about 2 p.m. and had time to finish some scrapping that needed to be done before monday. I met a lovely lady from England who was demonstrating sizzix and saw a lot of people I met last year. There was taken really good care of us and all the other women (there were 10 demonstrations) and I had a great weekend. I arrived back home on sunday evening at about 10 p.m. after a 4,5 hours drive.

Something else I'm very very happy about is the weather. As I mentioned before I'm more the kind of summer person. I love sun. And I finally got it! The sun is shining for days now and the temperature in the afternoon is around 23*C. It just has to rise a few degrees and it will be perfect!

Finally I would like to share my 2 latest LO's.

On the first picture my kids with all their cousins. The picture was made last week during our spring break.
On the second one my youngest DD Marlijn when she was only 7 month old. The picture was taken 3 years ago around this time. We then had just as nice weather as now and we went camping for a weekend. Erik made her a little bed to use in the caravan but it could also stay outside where we put it because it was to warm inside.