Friday, March 30, 2007

teenage girls and sneak peeks...

aaarrrgg.... teenage girls! Anne lost her bankcard ages ago. For weeks we keep telling her that she has to search for it and try to find it, since it's NOT gonna be knocking on her door all by itself saying "Hi, I'm back!". She assured us that she had looked EVERYWHERE!! several times!! It has gone...

Today her dad told her that she was not allowed to put on her computer before her card was back and she responded that her computer would probably stay off for the next year then.

But the thought of no computer made her go upstairs and look for it straight after school and guess what... within 15 minutes it was found!!!

Lessons learned: teenagers are lazy, computers are extremely important (but we knew that already, lol).

OK, I promissed you some sneak peeks, so sneak peeks you get:

If you wanna know what they're for check back next week!

Finally my her space:my space picture of the day: chair.


Have a nice weekend, and please fill my mailbox with LO's and banners tomorrow!! :)

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Blogger Vanda said...

he, he, brilliant xXx

8:48 AM

Blogger Emine_Pala_Art_22 said...

Ow I don't know how it is to have a teenager yet!!!!! But it must be very Hard LOL...

Great sneaks... Can't wait to see the WHOLE layout


9:21 AM

Blogger anita said...

uh huh! sounds pretty typical to me!

9:29 AM

Blogger Miranda said...

Love the sneaks Birgit!

9:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leuke foto van Anne!
De sneak peaks zien er goed uit, mooie kleuren, dat donkerrood en groen...
Succes met jouw banners en LO's:)
Groetjes Boukje.

12:27 PM

Blogger rev said...

okay, thanks for the sneek peak for teenage years.... can i knock on your door for advice when Sanne is that age LOL.
LOVE your sneek peaks and that pic of chair and playmobile is toooo funny!

12:47 PM

Blogger Marjolein said...

He he tell me about teenagers.... and computers...... important!!
Love the sneaks... be back to see the whole thing.....why wait a week???

3:56 PM

Blogger linda loe said...

Leuk de sneak-peaks ben benieuwd naar het resultaat. Het is me niet gelukt om iets te maken volgende keer beter.
Ik ben wel beneieuwd of er veel reaties zijn binnen gekomen voor het make nvan een banner. Zou ook graag een mooie nieuwe willen.

Groetjes Linda

Moderater of:

1:31 AM

Blogger Monique Helfrich said...

Looking at her picture, I think she got the message ;)
Love that playmobil one and those sneak peeks make me sooooo curious!

5:04 AM

Blogger Kerry McKibbins said...

I am NOT looking forward to the teenage years, lol.

8:28 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

hehe Dony you just love kids :D Love the picture and sneakpeaks.

Enjoy youre weekend

8:37 AM

Blogger Brigitta said...

Trust me Birgit, it gets worse ;-) love that sneak peek of that LO can't wait to see what it's all about

12:48 AM


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