Monday, November 20, 2006

Scrapbook Alliance Weekend Away!

As Corinne already said on her blog: "we came as scrapbookers, we left as friends!" and that is so true!
48 hours in one house with 8 women, some of them had never ever met before. We only left the house for a photoshoot on saturday, but not more then about 50 meters and we hardly slept!
So if you spend so many hours at one table together you don't just scrapbook, you also talk a LOT, and you really get to know each other. We did not only share our scrapbooking supplies but also our lifestories, our happiness and our sadness. We are all so different but we all have this one passion that brought us together and connects us and made it happen that we can all say we made some great new friends this weekend. And hereby I want to thank Anita for organising this and bringing us all together!

Top row: Flo, Kirsty, Jo-Anne - Middle row: Corinne, Danielle, Birgit - Bottom row: Bonnette, Anita

Thanks girls, for such a wonderful weekend!!!

Later this week I will post more pictures of all the fun we had, the mess we made and the gorgeous pictures we took of each other during the photo shoot!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!!!

8:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for SHARING :
and offcourse
our smoketalks!!!

8:56 AM

Blogger corinne5 said...

heeeeeeee my favorite supermodel! I loved seeing you again and I so can;t wait to do this again!


9:13 AM

Blogger Christiane said...

oh birgit, that sounds so good!!i'm glad, that you have such a great time!! and the pics are FANTASTIC!!!!!

12:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Birgit - your pretty smile and those amazing eyes crown the wonderful persoanlity you have. i loved this weekedn so much that I feel like crying xx

2:48 PM

Blogger Brigitta said...

wow, this sounds truely amazing. so glad you all had such a wonderful time. Saw the pictures on Corinnes blog, they're beautiful!!!

3:07 PM


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