Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's tuesday again already.. more then a week has gone by without blogging, pffff...
We spend the weeked in Wijchen to celebrate my MIL's birthday and had a lovely time.

On friday I went over to Heesch to discuss some projects for CmF's August issue. Gosh... August, that's the middle of summer! Right now it's only 4*C and raining here :(
Soooo looking forward to summer!!

Lennart got sick this weekend and is still not going to school. Coughing, a fever and a sore throat.. poor guy, hope he feels better soon!

Nothing to show right now :(
...But please check out The Buzz Blog!
We have big plans for this blog...and that includes free (yes free!!!) mini workshops!
The first one is up! And we'll be starting a new challenge this week with a chance of winning a great prize package, so don't miss it! :)

Enjoy your day!


Blogger Anniek said...

Beterschap met Lennart!

1:00 AM

Blogger Janine Langer said...

I hope he feels better soon! :)
Off to check the Buzz blog ...

Oh, and there's an award for you on my blog.

2:01 AM

Blogger saffiertje said...

Beterschap voor Lennart! Inderdaa, augutus duurt nog even, maar voor je het weet...Wij hebben al vroeg vakantie; 11-8 moeten de kids al weer naar school!
Maar eerst lekker vakantie vieren met pinksteren.
Héél veel insirerend succes gewenst met alles!

groetjes miranda

1:04 PM

Blogger Mireille said...

so fun to go to heesch! Loved your buzz blog! Will be back to check for your beautiful inspi!

1:54 PM

Blogger M@risk@ said...

Hopelijk knapt Lennart gauw weer op en ga snel even kijken op de Buzz blog.

2:30 AM

Blogger Essie said...

What a great mini workshop on the Buzz blog. Great idea. Will start creating wright a way. So will post to you real soon.

Love, es

4:39 AM

Blogger Christiane said...

all my best for him!! will check you out!! have a good one!!

1:46 AM

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