Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I´m not a cardmaker.... and I don't send much cards either. When it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and so on I'm a bad bad girl!
I always forget them and if I do send a card it's always to late! So if you ever expected a card from me and didn't get one... don't take it personally!!! :)
So, no... I'm not a cardmaker... or should I say I never was?!

Our awesome talented cardmaking scrapper Nancy seems to inspire the complete scrapbooking world with her cards, including me :) So I took out my scraps and spend a fun night making cards! Here's the result:

Thanks for taking a peek and thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them!

Have a great day!

We had a lovely birthday weekend! Marlijn got spoiled terrible and she loved it :) Yesterday she had a little party for her school friends and had a great time! Unfortunatly my camera was acting a little weird (found out later that the button was somewhere between manual and autofocus) so i didn't get much good pictures :(

But here's one of the decorated cup cakes the kids made yesterday:

These LO's were in Scrapfun last month. The first one is a picture of Marlijn and her cousin Tim, having a blast in Duinrell when my parents were married 40 years last june. The second one is my little niece Guusje, only 18 months old, climbing our garden fence like she's a little monkey, lol! Such a little rebel :)

My "Believe"LO made it to the slide show on OLW! I feel honored to see myself between all those awesome LO's!!! The new word up this week is `Delight`! I´m sure gonna join in again, this is so much fun!

We have 22 participants for the Secret Santa Swap so far! So a lot of X-mas excitement is guaranteed!! But there's still room for a few more. You can sign up until tomorrow by clicking the Secret Santa blinkie on the right! Don't miss out on the fun and join the party! :)

Have a nice day!

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Friday, October 26, 2007


She was only 2850 grams (don’t know how much it is in ounces, but it’s small!) and she still isn’t very big for her age. She’s clever the more though, hehe, she’s what we call a “ wijsneus” (smarty-pants) and I love it!

… and yesterday's story continues:
After Marlijn was born the midwife checked her and she was perfectly healthy. She got dressed and I had a shower and the midwife had to fill out some forms. We called my mom at our house and were surprised to hear that Anne was up (it was 2.30 a.m.). There was a thunderstorm going on and she’d woken up in the middle of the night to find us gone and grandma on the couch in the living room. Grandma told her that we were in hospital and she’d probably have a baby brother or sister the next morning. Well imagine that… no chance that she would sleep again knowing that! So when I called I could tell her that she had a baby sister. I think she was the happiest little girl on earth at that moment!! I told her to go back to bed and try to get a few more hours sleep.
Then we called the rest of the family, I got dressed, we cuddled Marlijn in, nice and warm and drove home. We were home at 5.30 a.m.!
My mom and Anne were waiting for us when we arrived and Anne just couldn’t believe that the baby was sooo small, and sooo adorable, she didn’t know what to say, just sat there with this big smile, happy!!!
I went upstairs to go to bed with Marlijn after Anne and my mom had held her. Erik went to Lennarts room to wake him up. “Someone new has arrived” he said to Lennart and Lennart said “Really???” with big eyes an a big smile. He jumped out of bed and came to my rom to meet his little sister. He was so thrilled he jumped through the room for 15 minutes clapping his hands and singing “I’m so happy, I’m so happy”. Lennart was almost 7 and Anne was 8 years old. They were so aware of everything and enjoyed it all so much!! Wonderful moments to always remember!
It makes me happy that Anne and Lennart still adore their little sister.( Even though she can be really annoying and irritating sometimes :))

We had a lot of visitors that day and the days after.
Today there will be a lot visitors again! It will be a happy and joyful day just as it was 5 years ago and I’m truly thankful for that!
Happy birthday to our sweet little girl Marlijn!

Rise and shine... it's party time!

She's been asking for this doll for month, the dark baby born with the magic eyes.
The look in her eyes this morning when she opend her present... priceless!

Have a wonderful, happy day too!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today, 5 years ago...

At this moment, 5 years ago, I was sitting around with a big big belly. According to our own calculating our baby was due to be born the next day but since the older 2 kids came way to late and not exactly spontaneous I didn´t count on it all!
At noon, we were just having lunch with the kids, I felt a soft `plop` and a little later I lost some blood and fluid. We called the midwife and she said that we could come over for a check up.
After lunch, we brought Anne back to school and lennart to grandma and then went to the hospital, I told the midwife I thought my water broke and she examined me. She said it wasn´t the water since my belly felt like all the water was still there. Maybe this was the beginning, maybe it would take another week.
So I got off the table to get dressed again and there it was… pang… and all the water came out at once!
Hehe, so much for another week! But still I hadn´t any contractions or whatever, so the midwife told me to take it easy and if nothing happened over night we had to call her in the morning. We went home, had dinner, brought the kids to bed and watched some tv. It was a Friday evening and we watched Baantjer, like every Friday. At 9 p.m. I said to Erik: “ I don’t know, I feel some cramps, maybe something is happening. They started to come faster but they were not that bad so after Baantjer was finished we decided to go to bed early and try to get some sleep before it really would start. Erik slept the minute his head hit his pillow but 15 minutes later I had to wake him up. This was it! This was for real! I knew, after all... I’d done it 2 times before! So we called my mom to come over to babysit, then we called the midwife that we were coming and at 11 p.m. we were in the car towards the hospital, with contractions every 2/3 minutes.
We arrived at 11.30 p.m., checked in and got a room all for ourselves. They tried to make it look like you where in your own house. We had a room with a bed, a couple of comfi chairs, tv, stereo, newspapers, books, bathroom and shower. We were left alone to have some privacy. The midwife went to her own space in the hallway and if we needed anything we could just ask. Great!!
Erik read a newspaper while I was puffing my contractions away, phuh, phuh, phuh, phuhhhh... I decided to take a shower, because with the other two taking a shower really speeded things up. And so it did now. At about 1.30a.m. I told Erik to get the midwife because it wouldn’t take long anymore. She came and talked me through the last part. And just when I thought that I really couldn't do this...

... there she was… at 2.12a.m. October 26, 2002, right on time and all by herself… our perfect little baby girl Marlijn!

(this is the only digi picture of her from that time, I was still shooting analoge those days. Hmmm sounds like an awful long time ago...)

Tomorrow she’s turning 5 and I’m still as happy and thankful for her as I was the first minute I held her. And I love her even more!



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She loves to read. Guess she takes after her mom for this matter (her dad doesn't read anything but the newspaper). I love to read to, there is hardly a night that I go to sleep without reading a page or two. There's always a book on my night table... and because I love to read I love books, not only for me but childrens books too.
When I come across a nice childrens book I can't resist to buy it. So whether it's Sinterklaas, x-mas, birthdays.... the kids get books! Not only books of course, but at least one! :)
I'm so happy they love to read too! I (or her daddy) read Marlijn a bedtime story every night. I did it with the older kids too when they where younger, and Marlijn reads to her "knuffel" and doll! With her favorite books she knows all the words. Sometimes we joke with her and change a word and she always notices. And when you hear her reading to her doll you'd believe she is actually reading the words. Amazing! With other books she just looks at the pictures and makes up her own stories. So much imagination, I love it!!
Most of her books where in a few boxes next to her bed but there were so many that it was a mess constantly and we never could find the book we where looking for. So this week we bought her a little book case and she is sooo thrilled with it! it's so easy to make her happy, hope that never changes!

Thanks for popping by!
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hellooooooo ladies! Where are you???

At least 15 of you said you´d like to join in the Secret Santa Swap, but so far only a few girls actually signed up. You really need to officially sign up at the Secret Santa thread to join in, otherwise I can´t pair you up. So please click on the SSS blinkie on the right, read the rules, fill out the form and leave your name otherwise you´ll miss out on the fun!!! If you´re not a member yet at uncesored scrap forum it will only take a few minutes to register.
Come on... let´s have a party! :)
Have a nice evening!


Monday, October 22, 2007

One little word....

I have to admit… after all the deadlines I had last week I kind of lost my mojo..
I wanted to do some scrapping just for me for a couple of days but just hadn’t any inspiration.
Yesterday morning I was browsing the internet and there it was! While visiting the OLW blog I suddenly felt like scrapping the OLW word for this week... “believe”. With the beautiful pictures of my DD and the word “believe” in mind I knew what I was gonna do!
Since it was Sunday and I didn’t want to sit alone in my scrap room while my family was downstairs I just brought everything I thought I needed down and sat on the living room floor. It was such a relaxed, nice Sunday afternoon and this is the result:

Journaling is on the tag behind the picture and says:
Why don’t you believe me?
Normally you’re such a self-confident girl.
You´re not afraid to give your opinion or to speak up for yourself.
You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You stand for what you say and,
if you have to, you fight for your rights.
But when it comes to your looks you´re so insecure! You look in the mirror a dozen
times an hour and this is what I hear:
“Sigh… my hair looks awful!”
“Blehhh, my nose is way to big!”
“Gosh, look at my eye brows… they’re horrible!”
And I tell you time and time again that you’re gorgeous!
But you’re convinced that I’m prejudiced because I’m your mom…
I guess it’s just natural to feel that way when you’re 13 years old.
But sweet daughter of mine…
you really can believe me when I tell you that you’re beautiful!
xox Mom

BTW… you can sign up now for the Secret Santa Swap! Don’t mis the fun! Click here for details and joining in!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, October 21, 2007


OK, let’s do it!!! I will host a Secret Santa Swap! Anybody can join in as long as you're willing to play by the rules!! Even if you never left a message before or just discovered this blog, don't be shy! If you think this would be fun and you want to join in... do it!

Click here to read the complete rules and to sign up! (you might need to register at uncensored scrap before you can sign up but that will only take a few minutes!) I'm sure we'll have fun!

Let me share some of Marlijn's art with you... I really think she's gonna be an artist when she grows up. There's nothing she like to do more then mess around with pens, pencils, paint, glue, siccors and paper. Ahhh well, if not an artist then at least a scrapbooker!
The first drawing found it's way to the front of Marlijn´s birthday invitation. She´s turning 5 next friday... Gosh... time flies!

Have a good start of a great week to come!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

a new banner...

My first attempt on making a digi banner! The first banner I had was actually scrapped and photographed. The second one was made by Anke. I loved that one but I thought it was time for something new. I know it’s far from perfect. I’ve seen the most gorgeous banners on blogs I visited but I have to admit that I’m kind of proud of what I managed to create. What do you think???

Friday, October 19, 2007

Looks like blogger is able to upload images again so first thing I want to share are my favorite pictures of my DD Anne's photoshoot at Anita's.

I think she's gorgeous (but that's because I'm her mom, she says!) She thinks her nose is to big, her hair looks terrible, her eye brows have the wrong shape... Can you believe that? Ah well, guess that's normal for a 13 year old girl, right?

Something else I like to share are 2 more LO's that where in the september issue of SAZ:
The first one was for an article about XL-pictures. I printed the picture on a piece of 11x8,5" cardstock and used it as my picture and background at the same time. Journaling is written in a "white" spot on the picture and says:
Why do I always have to listen to you, why am I allergic to colorants, why do we always take Lennart’s road, why does Anne have a rabbit and I don’t, why don’t we go to Duinrell twice, why does Anne’s room have a balcony and mine not, why is Lennart driving his bike so fast, why do ambulances excist, why don’t we get a baby, why can I go to school only once on the green day, why isn’t it Anne’s bedtime yet? Why?
The second one was for an article on non-traditional shaped LO's.
The heart was cut from a black piece of cardstock and then I cut vertical stripes with a centimeter in between and wove ribbon and pieces of fabric from the left to the right.
And I have a toot!! Scrapbook Trends Magazine requested 3 of my LO's and one of them is being considered as a cover LO! Yay! How cool is that?!
Anyone interested in a Secret Santa Swap??? Join the fun! See my last post!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank you all for leaving so many links of your favorite websites/blogs! I visited them all and found yummy cupcakes, gorgeous felt animals, loads of beautiful LO’s and cards and touching stories! But the website where I spend the most time and went back too a few times already is This photographers couple makes the most awesome, amazing and gorgeous pictures. Very inspiring! Make me wanna to try and take pictures in a different way, I just couldn’t stop looking and wishing I could make such stunning pictures, wow, I want to be them when I grow up LOL! Just check it out, I’m sure you’ll agree with me!
So, thanks for sharing this link with us Sandra! Please e-mail me your address and I will send you a nice RAK!
And here are all the other links! Enjoy! :)

I was thinking… it would be fun organizing a Secret Santa Swap! I would love to host it but before I put time and energy into something like that I want to know if there are people interested in joining in at all!
For those of you who never did something like that and haven’t a clue what I’m talking about a little explanation:
A Secret Santa Swap is done with a group of people who sign up to join in. You will get the name and address of one of the people in the group and have to make her a present for X-mas. Most likely a box of scrap goodies for a certain amount of money, maybe some chocolates or sweets and a handmade item. You’re not to tell who’s Secret Santa you are and you won’t know who yours is until the day you are allowed to unpack your present.
If you join in I will send you a form to fill out which I can send to the person who will be your SS and you will get somebody else’s list. I will get us a place where we can talk anonymous about the swap, like if you have a question for your receiver or a general question or just something to share. It’s fun and exciting!
All I want to know right now if there would be enough of you interested to start something like this so if you are please leave a message here and if I go ahead with it I will give further instructions and details later.
Hope a lot of you want to play along!

Wanted to share some LO's and pictures but blogger doesn't let me upload any images... will try again tomorrow.

Have a nice evening!

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Photo shoots and LO's

Last week I went over to my friend Anita's house to have a photoshoot. I brought all kinds of clothes and was not sure what to expect. At first I felt a little uncomfortable smiling when I was asked to, but after a while it went better and I really enjoyed it! We had fun! Did some out door and some studio shots and some really nice photo's came out. I think Anita really has a feel for catching the real personality of people. I'm very, very happy with the results.
Here are my favourite ones!

This week Anita came over to my house to do a shoot with my little girl Marlijn and some other kids. And I learned how hard it is to make good pictures of little kids that are not always as cooperative as we would want and very busy and moving around all the time :) Still Anita managed to make some very nice pictures! Here are a few of them:

Today I took my oldest daughter Anne over to Anita for her birthday party... right... a photoshoot. Together with her 4 best friends, loads of clothes, drinks and food. First we went outside for some group shots. The wheather was so nice today and we went to the playground. The girls did complain though when they had to ly down in the wet grass... lol! But they did what they were asked!

Then we went inside for some studio shots of all of the girls seperate. They had a lot of fun, were a little insecure and are very curious now to see the results.... and I can understand. I'm very curious too! But I know the pictures will be great!!

So far for photo shoots.

It's been a while since I was able to show some of my work. Some of you will have noticed a new magazine has come out, called scrapfun!
I heard it was available at craft shops and supermarkets. It was also at my local supermarket but I didn't see it there because it was sold out the second day!! Hope that's a good sign! :) I was one of the contributers with several LO's in there. Here are two of them. If you want to see more you'll have to try to get you hands on an issue of scrapfun!

BTW, you can still leave a message with a link to your favourite website/blog regarding inspiration and win a RAK (see my last post). You gave me some really nice ones already! Thanks so far!
That's it for today, have a nice week!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

September winner and let's play a game!

I guess some of you have been waiting for a few days for this post to see the result of the september challenge. I'm sorry for the delay beut here it is.

Only 6 participants this time but they came up with some fun ideas!!
Still there can be only one winner and this time the RAK goes to Joke Bach Kolling.
Both she and Anniek used the "aardappel-stamper" on their LO's but I love how Joke used it to make a journaling tag that's behind the photo, Joke also used some letter shaped pastry moulds to make the word summer. So congratulations Joke, the RAK is coming your way!

Anniek Bebingh:
Miranda Sloots:
Diana Louwerens:
Esther Nuiver:
Boukje van der Weit:
Thanks ladies for joining in!!
OK, let's play a game!
I'm always looking for great, inspiring, creative websites and blogs but there are so many you can't possibly see them all.
I don't really have the time to browse the internet and find new interesting once but I'm sure among all of us there's a treasure of wonderful website URL's. You must all have your own favourites!
So, I would like you to leave a message with the one URL of the website/blog you love most, so I can check them out.
If I find your suggestion the most inspiring of all you will winn a nice package of goodies!
And I'm not talking about just scrapbook related sites. Any kind of website/blog that inspires me to get creative I want to see!
You'll have untill next week wednesday to leave your message on this post, then I'll need a couple of days to check them all out and put them in a list to share with you and choose a winner.
Could there be any easier way to get your hands on some nice goodies?
I don't think so!!
Have a nice day!!