Friday, June 29, 2007


She's 13 today! So officially a teenager now! Gosh... they grow up sooo fast, my little girl is not a little girl anymore. She's happy now, because she thought 12 was a stupid age anyway... :)

No party though today because she left on school camp this morning and won't be back before sunday evening so we'll be celebrating next weekend and I'm sure she'll have a great time celebrating with her friends tonight!

Have a nice weekend!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Done a lot of projects lately but nothing really I can show yet :( But hey, I guess that's good for me huh? :)
So I'll just give you a few sneaks:

Thought I'd share my latest workshop with you, it was the last one before summer and I wanted it to look fresh and summery. It's a little cardboard suitcase that contains a little minibook and a cd-box with a dvd to hold more pictures, movies or songs to go with the minibook. I scanned in the paper used for the workshop and every one could choose her own title to be printed directly on the DVD.
Do you like this project?
There's still a sketch challenge going on and the RAK might be very generous this time :)
Send in your LO before the first of july and you could win a nice kit to make yourself a little minibook in a suitcase...
Click here for more information!
We finally decided to go to Tuscany (Italy) on vacation this year and I'm sooooo looking forward to it. I ordered some books (I'm a book freak) because we've never been there before. They arrived a few days ago and now the fun has already started! Just to look at the beautiful pictures, imagine to be there, read about the places we want to visit... fun, fun, fun! Just 3,5 weeks left before we leave, ahhh, wish I was there already!!
Are you going somewhere nice?? Would love to hear about it, so if you want to share, leave a message!!
Have a nice day!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

First of all I want to thank you for all your nice comments on my post about my MIL!! It was a big shock for us but I'm happy to tell you that she is doing very well. She's been so lucky that everybody acted so professional and it seems that there is no remaining damage caused. She says she feels like nothing happend and went camping this week :)
Last weekend my parents were married 40 years and we spend a lovely weekend with the family at Duinrell. Although the parc and the campingplace are old and very dirty the kids didn't notice and had a wonderful time! They enjoyed themselves very much as the pictures show :)
Finally I can show the LO´s I made using the GetInspired! kit of De Creatie. It was really fun working with this wonderful kit!
The `als het regent`LO was made using the june sketch for this month challenge. If you want to paticipate in this fun challenge and have the possibility of winning a nice RAK click here!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

bad news/good news

Yesterday evening my BIL called to tell us that my mother in law had had stroke and was in hospital. Now that is bad news and it sure frightened us. All kinds of things went through my mind. He didn't knew much then except that she was brought to the hospital very quickly wich is very important and it seemed that she was gonna be ok.
Later we heard from my father in law what had happened. They were at IKEA and suddenly she couldn't go and talk anymore, she knew what was happening to her but couldn't tell. At IKEA there is a first-aid post and the meds saw straight away what was wrong with her and called 112 (911). She was brought to the the hospital by ambulance and on a drip with a blood thinner within an hour. She was so lucky that she wasn't alone and the people around her acted so fast and professional!
This morning we got good news. She had a good night and it looks like there is no continuous damage. What a relief!
I just spoke with her on the phone and she sounded like always, making jokes :)
My MIL is 68 years. When we talk about people that age we normaly speak about "older" people, except when it's about our parents. Isn't it strange that our parents don't seem to get old? Especially my parents in law who are so vital, so entrepreneurial, living so healthy, going to the gym, travel a lot with their caravan, always prepared to come over and babysit, taking the grandchildren out for a weekend at te camping place... I'm just so happy that she will be able to continue her life like the way it was and I'm grateful that our children are so fortunate to still have all 4 of their grandparents! I am aware of that but this is a big reminder that we should cherish them! Maybe even more then we already do!



Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Came back from my vacation sunday evening. I had a really nice time even though some days the weather was aweful and we had to stay inside. It was nice that there was nothing that NEEDED to be done. We slept in in the morning, didn't get breakfast before 10-10.30, long after Anne and Erik had left. We only went into town a few times to do our groceries, stayed at the camping the rest of the time. We had a few nice days too, I went to the beach with Marlijn and enjoyed the sun while Lennart had a good time with our neighbours son.
But now it's wednesday and it feels like it was ages ago that I was away...
A lot of scrapping to do this week. I have to prepare and make kits for my upcoming workshop, make LO's using the fabulous Get Inspired! Kit from de Creatie that will be released on june 9th, a whole list of LO's and projects to do for SAZ a.s.o.

Finished the LO's for De Creatie. Can't show them yet but here are a few sneak peeks. So much wonderful stuff in that kit... a real "must have"!!

Like I announced a little while ago I plan on doing a sketch challenge every month, so here's the sketch for june.

You´re free to choose whatever theme you want but you have to use one or more stamps and at least one button.
Of course there will be a RAK again for the most creative and original LO!
The LO I created using the sketch is for De Creatie so I will show that one next week!
Closing date is june 30. at midnight (dutch time). You can send your entries to

Have fun!