Saturday, March 31, 2007

Her name is Milly...

Her name is Milly...

Last week I ordered a bag from Anita. Maybe you've heard about it already, if not you NEED to check out her blog! Anita makes the most gorgeous bags. She designs and handmakes them and not one of them is the same. Every single bag has a name and a personality. Today she showed me a little sneak peek of the one she's making for me. Her name is Milly. Her pesonality, says Anita, is easily excitable and a little daring. She is popular and fun to be around. *LOL* sounds great huh?.... but looks even better, watch this:

On Anita's blog you can find pictures of "Phoebe" and "Margo", two other bags she's made.
Now... if you feel like you just can't live without such an awesome bag anymore (and I can understand) you can contact Anita for more information.

My scraproom is a mess! To people who come to visit me it might look pretty organised but DON'T YOU OPEN my drawers!!! You'll be shocked! Someone once told me that creative people are always chaotic, so I'll just blame it on that...But something needs to be done now because I've come to a point that I sometimes can't find what I'm looking for even though I'm sure it's there.
Very frustrating and taking an alternative is not always a good option...
So... to start I decided to treat myself and bought this Clip It Up at
de Creatie.
This afternoon I spend about 2 hours sorting out my (letter) stickers and rub-ons... boy, do I have a lot. Came across some very nice ones that I had forgotten about :) and I'm sooo happy with this organising tool!
Now I've started cleaning out I'll just have to keep up the good work and my scraproom will look totally organised in no time.... wish me luck!!
Today prompt on her space:my space is "colourful"

Have a nice sunday!

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Blogger Miranda said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:31 AM

Blogger jana said...


in my studio its the same curios thing..chaos!!!

the sneakpeak looks gorgeous!!!

11:12 AM

Blogger Miranda said...

Wow what a great sneak. It's so beautiful. I LOVE it!

11:14 AM

Blogger Vanessa said...

clip it up looks very nice, but its expensive I think?
And idndeed, the bags from anita are gorgeous!!!!!!

11:16 AM

Blogger Je@net said...

Oh wow, this sneak looks great!!

11:30 AM

Blogger Christiane said...

it seems we are all from the same kind!!
have a sunny sunday!!

11:37 AM

Blogger Marga said...

Wohh, the sneakpeak loos fantastic!
I try to look at her site, but Iit's protected??????? I can't come in...............:(

12:05 PM

Blogger Nathalie Kalbach said...

ohhh that bag is going to be such an awesome treasure!

12:28 PM

Blogger corinne5 said...

ok drooling over the colors of that bag!!! and I am getting the whole clip it up as well!!


12:41 PM

Blogger Fauve Design said...

WOW that looks like a great bag Anita made you!!The clip-it looks really handy :D

12:44 PM

Blogger anita said...

hehe..i am at the same point in my studio..i can't find anything!!!
milly is calling to her mama ;)


12:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ziet er goed uit! Ook mij lukt het niet om op anita haar blog te komen...
Groetjes Boukje.

1:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hihi I think I'm going to order it as well...looks very handy ;-)
And the bag.....awesome!! Same problem for me....can't look at the site unfortunately.
Enjoy this sunny weekend!!

12:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bet you can't wait to meet Milly live...the sneakpeaks look really promising!

1:58 AM

Blogger rev said...

o that bag-to-be looks yummy to me!!! and awesome colorful picture, and that clip thing... that might come in handy for me too!!

2:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! I dont always comment but i find so much fun,inspiration and total peace here;))
Cant wait to see what Anita has magically made for you!

7:11 AM


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