Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today I can show more of the projects I've been working on for scrap-club.
The november kit is featuring CherryArte's Midnight Rouge, chipboard and rubons!

For the first LO I used Cactus Pink chip board letters as a mask and painted around them to get the title, used a black pen for the outline. Actually this happend unexpected. I wanted to use the letters for the title and painted them red on a piece of scrap paper. When I took them of I saw the effect and liked it so much that I decided to re-paint the letters on my LO!
The lyrics ("She's got a way" by Billy Joel) are the same as I used on Elsie's workshop LO because I I'm doing my song-lyrics album on 12x12 in stead of 8x8 I wanted to use them again.

For the second LO I used the song lyrics of Natasha Bedingfields "These words" .

For the altered frame I used chipboard stars covered with paper and I mimiced the pattern of the paper on the chipboard arrows. The little pink bling letters are from "Blokker".
Made my oldest DD very happy with this, it's now standing on her night-stand. She just loves her little sister :)

Thursday was the last day of pre-school for Marlijn. She's turning 4 this week so she will go to school next week and since it's fall break now she had to say goodbye last week.
She enjoyed all the attention and was not sad at all that she is leaving pre-school. She has been practicing in school six times and she can't wait to go there every day after vacation! My baby is growing up so fast, I hope I get used to it just as quickly as she does.... I'm sure gonna miss having her around all day. She's just such a sweet, funny, silly, companionable kid!

The last picture I want to share today is of an almost daily ritual. Every time I take Marlijn to the supermarket - wich is almost every day - she has the same ritual all the time. First thing she does is run to the butcher to get a slice of sausage and then she goes to the magazine stand to see if there's an empty space in the bottom shelfs. If so, she takes a kids magazine, sit down and "reads". I thought this was worth taking my camera to the supermarket!

My friend Anita is having a difficult time becuase her sister is very ill. She's now in England to be there for her and taking care of her sisters children. Please leave an encouraging message on her blog! Thanks!

It's fall break so tomorrow morning my family and I will leave for Amsterdam for 3 days of fun, shopping, visiting Madame Tussaud's and maybe the Anne Frank Haus!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your LOs and the frame is just adorable! What a cute photo of your daughter sitting in the bookshelf! Have fun in Amsterdam!!! Ahh - I'm jalous!!!

5:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastische foto van Marlijn!!!! Goed dat je camera mee was -- veel plezier in Amsterdam - als je tips nodig hebt mail me maar... wij gaan mogelijk deze week even naar de nieuwe Vlindertuin in Artis.

5:41 AM

Blogger corinne5 said...

hahahaha mij kids do the same thing, first ran to get the sausage and than off to the books and mags. love the cherryArte things you made, just love them!


7:27 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

Wat een geweldige LO's weer en het lijstje is ook geweldig heb er ook nog een paar van liggen, mocht ik me vervelen, weet ik wat ik kan doen!!!


8:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wat een geweldige foto van je dochter lezend in de supermarkt!!! Je LO en lijstje zijn ook super ;-) Groeten vanuit zonnig Curacao

8:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st I wanted to thank you for always leaving such nice comments on my blog and then I wanted to say.....YOU BOLG ROCKS!!! Those LO's are SUPER CUTE and that picture of your daughter is FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to see how you scrap it.

10:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your LOs and frame project are awesome - love how you used the Cherry Arte!

and love that photo!

12:03 PM

Blogger Brigitta said...

have a great time in Amsterdam Birgit. cu soon

3:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are really beautiful !!!
I love yours Layouts !!!!
The picture of your daughter is amazing !!!!!!
linda XXXX

1:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your scrapwork and that picture of your daughter is so cute! Can't wait to see how your going to scrap that one!!

4:35 AM

Blogger Christiane said...

great layouts!! and i like your style;)
enjoy your holidays!!

6:26 AM

Blogger D@nielle said...

great projects and I love that last photo !

11:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

superbes pages et que de magnifiques photos sur ton blog. Bye Christie

9:25 AM


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