Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The love of my life...

Last week Wendy challenged us to do an AAM blog entry and so I did. When my dear husband was reading it the other day he said: "OK, and where am I in all of this? You talk about yourself, our children and even say something about your parents but I'm not there." And he was right!
I just answered all the questions but there wasn't a question like: Are you married? Who's the love of your life? Do you have a prince on a white horse? or anything like that.
So that's why I want you to meet the love of my life! His name is Erik and he's 38 years old. We started dating in 1986 so we're together for almost 20 years now and still happy to have each other! We married in 1993 after we'd been living together for 5 years. He is sweet, caring, neatly, handsome, humorous and the best father in the world! Also he's not very romantic, selfwilled and a little stubborn sometimes and he never brings me flowers... but that's ok, I love him anyway!!!
Well Erik, I hope you're satisfied now :) xoxox


Blogger corinne5 said...

lo! mine doesn;t bring me flowers either! still keeping my fingers crossed for all of us(Junkitz)


3:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh Oh!! I am in SOOOO much trouble. LOL

What a cutie! Tell him thanks for the reminder. Maybe that is what I will do for my post tomorrow. :o)

6:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now look at that LO! I love it! Good job. Maybe we should all do a layout of our husbands/significant other? I have never done one of mine yet... hhhmmm .. something to ponder anyway :)

7:12 AM

Blogger Jennifer S. said...

How sweet... Mine's not "romantic" either but he's so awesome in so many other ways

8:25 AM

Blogger Karen (Cupcake) Carter said...

Hey Birgit, how do you say "hottie" in Dutch? *LOL* You are lucky to have such great love in your life. may you always treasure each other.

1:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should see his brother...

12:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that page, B!!! handsome love you have there too!!!

5:31 PM


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