Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back from Germany!

Yesterday I got home from Frankfurt in Germany where I've been teaching a workshop last weekend. It was the first German National Scrapbookweekend and Kars was sponsoring it. I was one of the 2 Dutch teachers, all the others were German. Luckely I have a German father so the language wasn't a problem. I had such a great weekend. Although it was very exhausting, the people were all soooo excited and enthousiastic! It really makes your day when people tell you the absolutly love what you've just thaught them!
Most of the women there hadn't been scrapping before. Scrapbooking is relatively new in Germany and supplies are very hard to get, so they just loved everything :)
I decided to stay untill yesterday morning because I thought I wouldn't be up to a six hour drive on sunday evening and I was right. It was only 8.30 p.m. when I was in my room watching t.v. and not able to keep my eyes open. We did one 2-hour workshop on friday evening, five! 2-hour workshops on saturday and three 2-hour workshops on sunday. I think that was just a little to much. Not only for us but for the scrappers too. But never the less it was a great weekend, I met many nice women and have a good feeling about what I did, a MM mini book filled with 7Gypsies papers, embellishements, stickers and ribbon:

I also wanted to share some LO's I made last week:

Little bare feet, O, so sweet. A very simple one. I just love simple LO’s at the moment!Journaling on a tag behind the picture is about my 3 yr. old DD who’s walking bare feeted all the time. No matter if it’s winter or summer, warm or cold she never keeps het socks on for more then an hour… and I love those little bare feet.

Love these Scenic Route stip Combo's! Isn't it great you need only one sheet of paper to make a whole LO?Also love to have ice coffee on a hot day in France! Makes my perfect day!This is straight IRL!

Made this one for a scrap-lift challenge. Scraplifted one of Patricia's LO's, love her style... also love the K&Co. words to go! 4500 words in one box!

That's it for now, TFL!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

House for sale

Tomorrow there will be 2 couples coming over to have a look at our house that is now officialy for sales since last week. How exciting! Hope they like it, and even better want to buy it! We keep our fingers crossed. Just to give you an idea of what we are leaving I will post some pictures. I must admit there are a few things that I will be missing, like my bathroom, kitchen and fire place. But in the new house we have all the opertunities to make it just as great as we have it now and even better!

In the house where live now we have 6! bedrooms and a study. In the new house we will have 5 bedrooms and a study but I will also have a real studio! How cool is that?!
So... if you are wondering what I did today... I cleaned my house :-)

I also did some scrapping this last week:

Last week I got a box of chocolate. The top was clear plastic, the box was green with green paper candy cups in it and it was filled with easter chocolate eggs. I just felt the need to do something with it... I thought the MM brooke paper goes very well with it!

I just love this picture of my kids! This is straight in real btw!

I sometimes read or hear people say they just grabbed some bits and pieces from their desk and made a LO with it in no time. I always think: wow, wish I could do that, it always takes me ages to pick the paper, embellishments etc. and even more time to make the final design. Yesterday evening I decided to give it a try, I just grabbed some coordinating stuff that was on my desk, layered it on my cardstock and made this LO within 30 minutes! And you know what? I even like it! This way I can make at least four times as much LO's as I do now, so I'm sure gonna try doing this more often!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

still winter

pppffffff.... today is the 5th. of March and outside there's snow! And although it's a nice day, and the sun is shining I want winter to be over. At Christmas I wanted snow and we didn't have any... now I want to see little flowers popping out of the earth, hearing thew birds sing when I wake up and most of all, I want it to be warm!! My children don't seem to feel the same. Although Marlijn asked me yesterday if she could take a bath in the backyard she was totaly excited when she played in the snow this morning and making a snowman together with Lennart and her daddy!
Guess I just have to be patient.