Thursday, December 15, 2005

Starting to get in the X-mas mood -finally-

It took us a long time this year to get in the Christmas mood. Well, me actually... because if I don't bring the Christmas mood into our house, nobody does! Not that they don't like Christmas, and the decorations, and the candles, and the tree... they love it, but I'm the one that gets it started. So, it took me a long time. On tuesday I thought it was about time to get a tree so I did. I bought us a tiny little tree and I think it's cute! Yesterday morning when all the kids were in school Erik and I got down the boxes with the decorations from the loft and I put the lights in the tree. When we were having lunch Anne and Lennart told me that I didn't have to wait untill they would be back from school in the afternoon before decorating 'cause they weren't really interrested... ok, so much for my tradition of watching the kids decorate! Marlijn however could hardly wait so after Anne and Lennart left for school again the 2 of us decorated the tree and the rest of the room. She loved the balls and the lights and especially the little Christmas musical boxes.

She didn't even tell me to turn off the Christmas CD like Anne did earlier.
We had a lot of fun together even though there was so much to clean up after we were finished.
After school we drank tea and when I brought in the Christmas cookies and chocolate Anne and Lennart were suddenly VERY interrested :)
Now I sit in my room watching the lovely tree and all the beautiful decorations and I'm starting to get in the Christmas mood



Blogger Steven said...

She's cute.

Have a safe and happy Christmas.

1:42 AM

Blogger daphne said...

I love how you've decorated your home for Christmas! I know in years to come your family will look back and remember what you've done, and will appreciate it! Your photos are lovely!

2:10 AM

Blogger Breanne Crawford said...

wow! gorgeous photos!

6:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really beautiful!


6:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!!! Love the first with her holding the lights! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!


8:01 AM

Blogger Tracy said...

Your decorations are so pretty! You've inspired me to finish our tree... : )

8:46 AM

Blogger Ashley Calder said...

beautiful photos!! :)


10:55 AM

Blogger Sherri said...

Love the 1st and last pictures. With the glow of lights on your DD AND the glow of the candles with the tree and deer in the background.

11:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i LOVE the softness of christmas pictures without the flash. just seems like the perfect setting for the season!

3:08 PM


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