Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I know... I've been a bad, bad blogger! More than a week since my last post! So it's about time to update a little. Lat weekend I've been demonstrating at the KKD at Kars in Ochten. I had a wonderful time! I was asked to demonstrate with Prima products... well, haha, of course I said YES! I just love their products!
It were 2 days of fun, laughter and a lot of talking. I was sitting between my friends Bonnette on my right and Corinne on my left and in front of Tim Holtz. Not that I saw a lot of him though... There was a constant crowd of women around his table and the fist glimps I got from him was around 3 p.m. on sunday, hehe! But hey, who can you blame. The man makes great stuff so I can imagine everybody wants to have a look at his demo.
Met a lot of people I know, people I only knew from their blogs so far like Nili (so fun to meet her!) and new people!! I had a nice dinner with Corinne and Tanya on sunday evneing and a meeting with Kirsten from CmF on monday evening. So it was a busy but good weekend!!
Here's one of the projects I made for the demonstration. The frame was painted white when I bought it. I covered it with Prima paper, then stamped around the edges and added the flowers. Everything is Prima except for the text-plate (Deja-Views) and the diamonds (Make Me).
Used real screws to attache the little plate.
I returned home yesterday and I was hardly in or the postman came with a box from the US! It was my price for winning OLW! Gina from Sweet Spuds send me an awesome kit with paper, chipboard, letters and lots of fun little goodies! Can't wait to start creating with that!
Oh, and I have a fun little story I want to share :)
The sunday before last my parents in law visited us and they took the 3 children from my sister in law along since they were babysitting them. The next day Marlijn (who is 5! years old) spend lunch at my mom's house because Erik and I had to go to the funeral. She told my mom about her other grandparents and cousins visit the day before. They had the following little conversation:
Marlijn: Grandma Marry and grandpa Reijer came to visit us yesterday and they brought Jorik and Nienke with them because aunt Hellen and uncle Koen went away for the weekend...
My mom: Oh, how fun! and Stijn? did they bring Stijn along too?
Marlijn (quit annoyed): Well, yes... of course they brought Stijn!! The boy is only 4 years old! You can't leave a child like that home alone, can you!!??
Haha, she's a little smarty-pants and she crackes me up!!
I have to scrap that! Not sure yet how I'm going to do that, but I will!
That's it for now!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
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Monday, February 18, 2008

This morning we had a funeral. The sister of a very dear friend past away last week. She was only 43 years old and has two girls the same age our oldest children are.
It was such a sad but beautiful service. And once again I realize how blessed I am en how grateful I should be. For being healthy and no of my dear once having a life threatening diseas.
I know things can change by the blink of an eye so we have to treasure, cherish and enjoy every moment that everything is good.... and I wil!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I WON!!! I can't believe it! I actually won the One Little Word Challenge!! I saw so many amazing, gorgeous entries but they picked mine Wow, I feel really honored!! :)

Hehee, isn't it amazing what you can find on Marktplaats (dutch version of E-bay)? A couple of weeks ago Erik came along this advertisement of someone who had booked a weekend at Centerparcs (vacation parc) but couldn't go due to circumstances. She offered the house for a really nice price and we decided to take it even though we didn't plan to go on a break so shortly after x-mas vacation. So last weekend we went. We had a house with 6 beds so we let Anne take a friend. On saturday my parents came over for the day and they brought along one of Lennart's friends, which was a big surprise for him! So even though it was only a weekend we had a great time and a lot of fun! It made up a little for me being sick the whole x-mas vacation. (BTW, you don't see me in the pictures but I was really there... behind the camera... of course!)

And here are a few projects I made for Scap-Art-Zine:
A LO for an article about Prima for which I had the honor of interviewing the awesome Sharon Laakkonen and 2 wine bottle tins for an article about gift wrapping:
And some sneak peeks:

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday evening, 8 p.m., weekend is almost over. I't was a nice one! It started friday evening when we went out for dinner. Every year in october there is a run in Groningen called the 4 miles of Groningen. Erik has a team running for his company and the team invited us for dinner to thank us for organising this every year! We had a lovely, fun evening with delicious food.
Saturday morning we left to Wijchen to my parents in law. In the afternoon I drove down to CmF in Heesch to bring over some stuff for the next issue. I made some fun projects I'm very satisfied with myself :)
Of course I spend some time in the shop and bought some gorgeous ribbon, paper and a MM Noteworthy album. Then I went back to Wijchen to meet my family for some shopping and a few drinks in a nice bistro. We decided to have dinner at the best Chinese restaurant of the Netherlands (Asia in Wijchen) and had a wonderful meal. Guess we will still smell like living garlic tomorrow, but who cares :)
Today, after a late breakfast we went to my SIL and BIL to celebrate my SIL's birthday.
We were home around 5 p.m. Erik made dinner (Shoarma, mmmm) and now the boys are watching tv, soccer, of course..., Marlijn is in bed, Anne is studying in her room for a biology test tomorrow, so a good time for me to update my blog :)

Marlijn loves to play with her little cousin Tijn!
And here are the Christmas/winter project I made for CMF 29:

Have a great week!
Birgit :)