Friday, August 24, 2007

I spend an hour at the dentist this morning and believe me that was no fun! One of my back tooth partly broke of just before I left on vacation. The denstist had to remove the old filling and restore the whole tooth. Afterwards I spoke like I was drunk. He was ready at lunchtime but I couldn't eat for 2 hours. And if that wasn't bad enough I bit my lip because I couldn't feel it and my family made fun of the way I was talking :(
Ahhh well.... my grandma used to say "wie mooi wil zijn moet pijn lijden" wich means as much as who wants to be pretty has to suffer.

Anyway, during lunch (while my family was eating except me) the postman came and brought a nice surprise. I got a wonderful "Thank you" package from Prima for being their guest designer in july. I didn't even know I was going to get something untill I had this e-mail from Sharon Laakkonen when I got home from vacation asking for my adress. Such gorgeous goodies, I just love them and they certainly made me smile, even tho my mouth wasn't really co-operating :)

I finished another vacation LO, a simple one as I don't want to spent to much time on my vacation album. It's about Lucca, a beautiful old Italian village in Tuscany. Lucca is everything you expect from an Italian village. The little streets with the yellow houses, the fancy shopping street Via Fillungo, the old town-wall with the towngates, the shops with homemade ice cream (wich costs alsmost nothing). It's just how we think Italy is. We visited the centre first, did some shopping and sightseeing and took pictures and then we rented bikes and had a ride on the town-wall wich is 30 meters wide and 12 meters high and had a marvelous sight on the town. The town-wall is completly intact and it takes less than an hour to go around. We had a wonderful day there! Much, much more fun than Pisa although the tower is a must see!

When I got home this morning from bringing Marlijn to school I saw that all the spiderwebs in our garden were white because of the dew. They looked beautiful so I took out my camera and made some pictures. This is my favorite:

I almost forgot but here's a little reminder for the july/august challenge wich ends on august 31th. There's a nice RAK to win! Check out the challenge and play along! Click here for more information!

So far I visited half of my bloglines list, gosh you've been so busy blogging while I was away :)
Will take care of the rest this weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Blogger rev said...

wow Birgit beautiful Prima goodies! your LO is stunning! So love the circle and the strips! and that picture is amazing! funny, i noticed the webs also when i went to work today (yep... already working again, time flies...)

12:15 PM

Blogger Emine_Pala_Art_22 said...

i know exactly how you feel. I needed to go to the dentist last week... I had so much pain...
thank god it's fixed now for you... i have still a long way to go POOR ME LOL

Love your layout... it's AWESOME.


1:12 PM

Blogger ~Nancy~ said...

Yum yum yum.. these goodies look goooooooddd!! Hav fun playing with them.. And your layout is stunning.. totally diggin' your style!!! XOXO

2:48 PM

Blogger Janine Langer said...

Wow, that's a lot of Prima goodies, congrats! :)

Love your layout and the picture, both are awesome!

HAve a great weekend. :)

10:52 PM

Blogger Brigitta said...

first of all tnx for mentioning the dentist; I have to make an appointment :-( Your "prima" gift is absolutely gorgeous as are your LO (but then again, you haven't made a LO yet that I don't like haha) and the spiderweb picture!!!

12:24 AM

Blogger sollie said...

I really love your new LO. My sister has been to Luca this summer too. It looks like an awesome village.
Hope your lip is better after biting it several times (I have the same problem after a visit at the dentist).
xxx, Isolde

7:18 AM

Blogger Mireille said...

wow.. wonderfull thank you package!
love the web-pic.. and a great layout

12:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MMM! Yummy yummy, I love Prima, they are so sweet. I like you Lucca layouts, it's wonderful.

5:14 PM

Blogger Marcia Hamelijnck said...

I was in Lucca about three weeks ago and took that same picture while having a drink on that same spot :-)
Loved Lucca and Siena!!!!!

3:27 AM

Blogger Je@net said...

Wow, your goodies look very jummie!
And the lo is beautiful as alway's!
Hope you're feeling better now!

2:51 PM

Blogger Fauve Design said...

Ouch!Hope you feel better!Those prima goodies look good and so does Lucca...

10:35 PM

Blogger Francine said...

Gorgeous goodies... and I hope your tooth is feeling better by now :-)

2:36 AM

Blogger anokas said...

Hello! your layout is so brautiful! I love your Layouts!!
I'm going to aDD you to my blog....hope you don't mind!
kisses. Ana. =)

2:47 AM

Blogger Marjolein said...

You poor thing! Hope it all feels better now?
And those goodies.....yum.... they look delcicious!!! That's gonna be fun playing with!
The it!!!!!

4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so the dentist is not the first place you wanna go after a great holiday... BUT Prima goodies always make a girl smile!! Lucky you!! Your layout is gorgeous , love the colors and design...

5:42 AM

Blogger Monique Helfrich said...

Hope you're feeling better right now and probably playing with those gorgeous prima-goodies!!!
Loved to visit Lucca too, last summer! great layouts!!!

5:48 AM

Blogger Natasja said...

Wat een gave vakantie moet dit zijn geweest !

9:16 AM

Blogger Essie said...

Wat vervelend dat je naar de tandarts moest. Ik hoop dat je nu nergens meer last van hebt ( en zeker niet van de grapjes van je familie)
Je LO van Lucca is geweldig. Ik ben daar zelf deze zomer ook geweest. Wat een geweldige stadje. Zo gezellig!!
Liefs, es

11:30 AM


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