Thursday, July 05, 2007

sneaks and a new challenge!

I've been working my butt of and still have nothing to show :( I hope to be able to show a few LO's next week just before I leave on vacation but for now it's just sneaks, sneaks and more sneaks... :)

This is just a little bit of the LO's I finished lately, the rest I've already sent out, but as you can see I really have been doing something and I haven't been lazy :)

Just wanted to share with you what my table looks like while I'm working on a project. And this is not even so bad, sometimes it looks like a bomb exploded. I always clean up between two projects. I'm not so organised and have a hard time already finding everything I'm looking for :) It would be dramatic if I didn't clean up in between...

The challenge for july/august will be a scraplift challenge.
What do you have to do?
Scraplift the following LO:

You can use whatever theme you like. You're free to use any color, embellishment, letters, stickers etc. you want but you're NOT allowed to use any patterned paper, just cardstock!

Because it's vacation time you have until August 30th to send in your LO.

You can send it as always to Please use your name for the title of the image you send in to make it easier for me to find them once they're saved on my computer.

Hope to find lots and lots of beautiful LO's in my inbox when I get home!
I bought a new lens for my Canon 300D. I was not very happy with the standard lens that comes with the kit and my friend Anita, who has the same camera, was raving about this lens for a long time. I´ve seen her pictures and they are beautiful, so I thought if I was gonna buy a new one anyway I´d better do it before the holidays.
It´s the Tamron AF SP 28-75/2,8 XR DI Canon and this is the first picture I took with it:

No photo editing done on this! Isn't it great? I think I'm gonna love this lens.
Today was the last schoolday in the north of the Netherlands so if you´re leaving on vacation any day now...have lots of fun, make sure you make some precious memories and don´t forget to take loads of pictures!! Enjoy!
Oh, and I almost forgot: Have a look at memorylanescrapbooking. Danielle already has the marvelous new Infuse paper by Basic Grey!! Don't miss it!

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Blogger Ingrid said...

I have been a lurker lately. Sorry!! Wow, your sneak peaks look AWESOME. Can hardly wait to see the rest. I am sure they are as gorgeous as ever.

10:58 AM

Blogger chris jenkins said...

your sneaks are awesome! i love all the bright fun color!

11:41 AM

Blogger M@risk@ said...

Love all the sneaks with so many flowers and buttons. Totally addicted to these items myself. Nice challenge and lots of time for this one.
Wanna wish you a fantastic holiday and making beautiful pics with your new lens.

11:44 AM

Blogger Emine_Pala_Art_22 said...

Awesome sneaks Birgit ;)
Love the challenge too


1:14 PM

Blogger Marjolein said...

Oh, I totally love all the sneaks, and those flowers!!!!! Made by hand or......??? Great!
Love the challenge, and I'm sure I will find some time to do it before august 30th....

Your photo........awwww great, that must be some kind of lens you've got, bet you're gonna make great holiday pics with it!

Oh, that blog is great, you have to look at it, !

3:42 PM

Blogger Janine Langer said...

Love your sneaks and I hope we're able seeing the whole layouts soon.

Great challenge too. :)

12:09 AM

Blogger sollie said...

Volgens mij ben je helemaal verslaafd aan bloemen. Op iedere sneak zie ik wel een bloempje staan, haha.
Waar gaat de vakantie dit maal naartoe?
Veel plezier, Isolde

ps: toffe Lo om te liften. Zal er zeker eens over nadenken.

2:08 AM

Blogger rev said...

wow.sneaks looks awesome Birgit, and i KNOW you are not lazy but scrapping scrapping scrapping :)
LOVE that flower pic!!

2:39 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

Awesome sneaks, Birgit and I'm sure it will be great LO's...and the picture of the flower is just beautiful...

7:23 AM

Blogger Christiane said...

*sigh* fab sneakies, birgit!!
have a great weekend!! ;))

8:49 AM

Blogger Mirjam said...

Love the sneakpeeks!!! Even brought me some inspiration...
Might take you up on the challenge.
Have a good holiday!

10:04 AM

Blogger Je@net said...

What a lovely sneaks!!!
And your challenge sounds great....hope to find some time, cause I have no vacation yet!!

4:24 AM

Blogger Petra said...

Those sneaks look great, as always. Have fun with your lens. That picture is so beautiful and enjoy your vacation time!!
(The scraplift lo of Marlijn is one of my favorite, I already saved it on my computer months ago!!)

12:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Birgit, the sneakpeeks looks so brilliant, can't wait to see what you made! Your july/aug lift challenge is freakin' awesome, i'll get on that asap ;)

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great !!!!!

2:55 PM

Blogger D@nielle said...

oooh lot's of lovely peeks, and I love that Nurse LO, wish I had some time to play with that one. Mmmmh who knows ;) Have a great vacation !

11:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sneaks look great! And that ble does not look so bad lol!

3:13 PM

Blogger Charlotte said...

WOW!!! Awesome sneak peaks! I can't wait to see the results!! Great colors and embellishments - it all just make me curious to see more!

Nice challenge!

I hope you'll have a wonderful vacation! And thank you very much for leaving a comment on my blog.

Charlotte in Denmark

8:05 AM

Blogger Tessa Tegendraads said...

't ziet er allemaal weer uit om te smullen!!! Ben benieuwd wat ons allemaal te wachten staat :-) Groetjes van Tessa

3:01 AM

Blogger Fauve Design said...

Great sneaks again,and i can totally compare to your working my but off feeling :D

6:01 AM


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