Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A little bit of this and that...

Finished the first Christmas LO of this year! Just love this picture of Marlijn. Thank you Anita for giving her the lovely rosy cheeks!
Behind the picture is a tag with Marlijn's wishes.

About a hamster and a bunny...

Anne's hamster died. A few days ago she came home from school, she went upstairs to her room and found him dead... She was a little sad, but not upset really. Although she had always taken good care of him she didn't really think he was a lot of fun. He slept all day, kept her awake at night and didn't want to be hold at all. So for an 11 year old girl that isn't too much fun I guess.

Now she has always wanted to have a little bunny but before we got the hamster we didn't think she was able to take really good care of it. She proofed though she can so we decided she could have her bunny now the hamster was gone. When we told her she acted like crazy, jumped up and down the room, screamed, kissed us... totaly excited. Her friend who was here too had never seen her like this before :)

Yesterday we heard there were new baby bunnies at the pet store so we went to pick one up. And it is soooo adorable. Only 6 weeks old and just too cute. She called him Mellow and carries him around the whole day long. And if she isn't Lennart or Marlijn is and Mellow seems to be just fine with it. I just hope the fun is to stay. One thing is for sure... in this 1 and a half day that he is here Mellow brought LOTS of happiness and joy into this house. To see the look on my childrens faces is just priceless!!!

Isn't he cute?

I finally did the Holiday Quiz I saw on so many blogs already, here are my answers:

Holiday Quiz:
1. Holiday: Christmas or New Years? Christmas
2. Cookies: Sugar or Gingerbread? Gingerbread
3. Decorations: Santa or Snowmen? Santa
4. Decorations: Reindeer or Elves? Reindeer
5. Colors: Red or Green? Red
6. Colors: Gold or Silver? Silver
7. Tree Topper: Star or Angel? No topper at all...
8. Stocking Stuffer: we don't do stockings here in the Netherlands, but I guess it would be candy!
9. Tree: Real or Artificial? Real and alive
10. Cartoons: Charlie Brown or Rudolph? Rudolph
11. Movie: It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol? I wouldn't know, haven't seen either one of them :)
12. Stocking Stuffer: Jewelry or Gift Card? see 8, would be jewlery!!!
13. Christmas List: Naughty or Nice? Nice
14. Drink: Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate (definitly! with whiped cream please!)
15. Holiday Ghost: Past, Present, or Future? Present
16. Vacation Spot: North Pole or Winter Wonderland? Winter Wonderland
17. Holiday Song: Jingle Bells or Silver Bells? Jingle Bells
18. Holiday Song: Silent Night or O' Holy Night? Silent Night
19. More Fun: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Both, we celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents and sister with her family and that's when we open the presents that are under the tree! Christmas day we go to my family in law and when we're all together we are 19 people of wich 8 are children and we just have a nice day together!
20. Lights: Clear or Multi-Colored? Clear, I would prefer real candles but with the children that's a bit dangerous, so I have to wait until they are a little older...
21. Ornaments: Bulbs or Bows? Bulbs... I guess....
22. Tree Decor: Ribbon, Popcorn, or Garland? Popcorn??? *LOL* that must be typical American, hmmm guess ribbon then...
23. Gifts: Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags? Gift Bags
24. Better To: Give or Receive? Both (sorry, love getting presents :))


Blogger daphne said...

Love the Christmas layout you did! The photo is totally amazing! And I'm loving the bunny...he's the cutest little thing ever!

3:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great layout!

4:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great page....wonderful design and great pictures....

5:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK seriously!! BEAUTIFUL lo and picture..flippin adorable bunny...great quiz!!


6:15 AM

Blogger Jennifer S. said...

Love your LO - that photo is so precious and the bunny is adorable!

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome LO!!! Love that! Ok so please do share how to get the rosey cheeks??!! I must know! :) Merry Christmas!

1:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey mama!! ik doe het niet in engels hoor.. ik mis Mellow heel erg! Maar die quiz in geinig, maar ik begreep er niet alles van.. haha!! Nou doei!! love you!!

xx Anne

7:23 AM

Blogger Just Me said...

oh i love the layout!!! and those pictures in the last post were so freakin awesome!!

8:34 AM

Blogger Sophie P. Waquet said...

love this LO! and the bunny is so cute...

7:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE your beautiful pics!! And your lo's! Just amazing.


7:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ik krijg een nieuw schatje :)

11:58 AM


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