Friday, September 29, 2006

Back to routine...

We've finally moved, all schools have started again, our computers are up and working and I even did some scrapping again.
So it's time to get back to our daily routine even though some little things still need to be done. Well, I could say a LOT of little things, in and around the house! But they are no longer a daytime job, haha!
Back to normal means back to blogging too. I have to admit I've been sitting around for a couple of days thinking what to write in my first entry. So much happend in the past two month I could fill a whole diary. I decided just start here and now again.
So, no long stories but just a couple of LO's I made in the last two weeks:

Just a sweet vacation picture, no special story, just my DD being a girl...

The next one is about Marlijn's interest in letters and writing at the moment.
She's asking all the time: How do I write mommy, to who belongs that letter, look thats my letter! a.s.o.
In the filefolder a few little notes she wrote.

This is just a quick and simple one about my DD's teenage attitude. Journaling reeds: "I'm twelve, so if my mom asks me to smile, do I smile? Don't think so..."
When I showed it to her she smiled!!! and thought it was funny... not such a bad attitude after all, huh?

The last one is from a little while ago. Another mudwalking picture, just can't get enough of them :)

That's it for today!