Tuesday, March 07, 2006

House for sale

Tomorrow there will be 2 couples coming over to have a look at our house that is now officialy for sales since last week. How exciting! Hope they like it, and even better want to buy it! We keep our fingers crossed. Just to give you an idea of what we are leaving I will post some pictures. I must admit there are a few things that I will be missing, like my bathroom, kitchen and fire place. But in the new house we have all the opertunities to make it just as great as we have it now and even better!

In the house where live now we have 6! bedrooms and a study. In the new house we will have 5 bedrooms and a study but I will also have a real studio! How cool is that?!
So... if you are wondering what I did today... I cleaned my house :-)

I also did some scrapping this last week:

Last week I got a box of chocolate. The top was clear plastic, the box was green with green paper candy cups in it and it was filled with easter chocolate eggs. I just felt the need to do something with it... I thought the MM brooke paper goes very well with it!

I just love this picture of my kids! This is straight in real btw!

I sometimes read or hear people say they just grabbed some bits and pieces from their desk and made a LO with it in no time. I always think: wow, wish I could do that, it always takes me ages to pick the paper, embellishments etc. and even more time to make the final design. Yesterday evening I decided to give it a try, I just grabbed some coordinating stuff that was on my desk, layered it on my cardstock and made this LO within 30 minutes! And you know what? I even like it! This way I can make at least four times as much LO's as I do now, so I'm sure gonna try doing this more often!


Blogger Karen (Cupcake) Carter said...

HI Birgit! I miss you! Your house looks great. I'm sure it will sell quickly. Love your sweet candy box! Hugs.

12:09 AM

Blogger rev said...

Hi Birgit,
Wish you lots of luck selling your house, but that will be no problem! Looks awesome. I can imagine you will miss some stuff, but He, isn't it great to do it all over again in your new house! With your scrapstudio!!! And I love your little green/pink box, that's such an awesome idea. And love your layouts very much! Also the 30-minutes one is cool!!! And I love that picture of your girl!

12:04 AM

Blogger corinne5 said...

IK wil je huis wel kopen.....als ik gewld had hahahahaha ziet er erg mooi uit en ik dank dat je het zo hebt verkocht! super mooie creaties weer meid!


2:05 AM


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