Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to normal!

Now the holidays and vacation are over everything is starting to get back to normal again. The kids started school again yesterday and our daily routine is the same as it was before.

Celebrating started on Christmas Eve. My family came together at my sisters house. She had a huge 3 meter big tree and underneath there where tons of presents, mostly for the kids of course! They got spoiled seriously!
My sister made us a delicious Italian dinner wich we ate in the warmth of the fire place. At the end of the evening something fell down the chimney and pieces of burning wood were thrown into the livingroom. Just for a moment there was a little panic, Erik ran to the barn to get the fire extinguisher and we told all the kids to go out of the room, but except for a few holes in the carpet everything was ok and, thank God, no one got hurt.

On Christmas day we drove to my parents in law where whe had a quiet and nice day with the family. We stayed there over night and drove back the next evening. Anne stayed with my brother and siter in law who just had a baby on december 11th.

She wanted to stay there until we would come back to

celebrate new year and have her little niece all to herself.
After about 1,5 hour driving it started snowing, and not just a little, a whole lot of snow came down and the world turned into white winter wonderland -finally-.

The view from my window

The days before new year we had winter and the only days I like winter is when there is snow! So I was happy... and so were Lennart and Marlijn. Normally they stay in their pyjama's until noon, sometimes even all day when it's vacation but now they could wait to get dressed and go outside!

New Years Eve we spend with my brother and sister in law and the next day we left for a weeks vacation in Germany. We went to a vacation parc in the Eiffel and hoped for a lot of snow there but unfortunatly there wasn't. Still we had a very nice relaxing vacation. Sleep in every morning, swimming, bowling, going out for dinner, reading and a day of shopping in beautiful Koblenz. We didn't have to do anything and we just did what we wanted.

And now it's over already, time flies when your having fun!
I just checked my agenda... only six weeks until "spring break".
We have to start making plans... :)

Just a few of my latest LO's, TFL!


Blogger corinne5 said...

heeeeeeeeeeeey, glad your back in town! we have to talk soon! love your pictures and wow what a great view!


1:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Birgit! Clearly you and your family had a great time. Love your layouts!
(P.S. I'm a Canadian expatriate living in the Netherlands.)

12:27 PM


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