Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another week has gone by and what have I been up too?
Well, first of all I had a quiet weekend.
Erik had a weekend away with the boys of his indoor soccer team. They left on friday after lunch for a few days filled with sailing, biking, tennis, eating, drinking and loads of fun!
We women decided we wanted some fun of our own and came together in the local pub for a drink and a chat on saturday evneing, which was nice!
On saturday morning I went to our old house for the very last time, to clean up. Last monday it was finally signed over to the new owners. Pffff... it was about time! It had been for sale for over 2 years and we had 2 houses for almost 2 years, so it was quite a relief when we walked out of the notaries office on monday morning.
Sunday afternoon we nail polished some long fingers, hehe! For the not dutch readers... we have cookies here that we call `long fingers` they are some kind of biscuits covered with sugar and very popular with little children.

We dipped them in chocolate glaze and then in chocolate sprinkles. Of course you can make them much more funky with colored glaze and sprinkles but since my kids are kind of allergic to colorants this makes a great alternative and they taste yummy too :)

Today I had an e-mail from Martine telling me that the Dutch magazine Scrap! has gone abroad.
It is now also available in German and in the stores of today.
My pimped bag with the pictures on it is in there.

Something else I've been doing is building a new home for my blog. It will be moving to typepad real soon!
It will look totaly different than this one and although it's not half way finished yet I already love how it's turning out! Fresh, clean, summery... I'll give you one hint..... orange :)

This last couple of days I've also been busy preparing, organising and packing for the coming weekend that I will be teaching and demonstrating in Belgium.
Really looking forward to that!

OK, I'm off to pack my suitcase.
I will be leaving tomorrow around 11 a.m. for a 5 hour drive. Want to be in Kortrijk on time to make sure everything for the first workshop tomorrow evening is ready...
I will tell you all about it next week :)
Have a great weekend!!



Blogger M@risk@ said...

It's great that Scrap! is now for sale in Germany. Have some stuff in there too. Those cookies look delicious, my kids still like them very much. Wish you loads of fun teaching in Belgium.

10:20 AM

Blogger Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Wat fijn dat jullie huis nu dan echt verkocht is! Zo'n dubbele last valt niet mee!
Net nu ik besloten heb om eens wat aan m'n gewicht te gaan doen, kom ik overal lekkere dingen tegen in blogland... zou het een test zijn??? Ook die lange vingers zien er heerlijk uit!
Veel succes van het weekend!

11:45 AM

Blogger jacqueline said...

Wat een heerlijkheid dat je je huis hebt verkocht. Het heeft ook lang genoeg geduurd.
En ook heel veel plezier het komende weekend gewenst.

1:12 PM

Blogger Anniek said...

Have fun in Belgium!!

2:45 PM

Blogger A said...

Goed nieuws dat jullie huis verkocht is en dat je je er niet meer druk om hoeft te maken.

Wat zien de lange vingers er overheerlijk uit, jammie. En een super idee om ze zo te versieren, daar heb ik dus nog nooit over nagedacht....!

Je workshop wordt zeker een topper. Heel veel plezier in België.


11:37 PM

Blogger Brigitta said...

Fijn dat het nu rond is Birgit!! En als ik mij goed herinner heten lange vingers Ladies (of Ladies') fingers in het engels ;-) dus die "nagels" kun je zeker lakken haha.

12:13 AM

Blogger Fauve Design said...

Sounds like a great week!Those finger cookies look yummo!

1:47 AM

Blogger sollie said...

Ik zie er alvast naar uit om je vanavond te zien. Het zal weer een schitterende workshop worden.
groetjes Isolde

8:11 AM

Blogger Ellen, said...

Well Birgit, I finally did it... started paperscrapping again. I really got inspired by your blog and the blogs of some other people so this week I spent a small fortune in rebuilding my new scrap equipment.
My first layout is a fact and I loved making it.
Thank you Birgit :)

BTW, looking forward to see your new blog....
Ow and thos "lange vingers"? They really look yummi yummi :)

12:39 PM

Blogger Mabo said...

Wat fijn dat jullie huis nu verkocht is. Ik realiseerde me niet dat het al weer 2 jaar te koop stond. Tijd vliegt inderdaad.

Hoop dat je een goed en leuke workshop hebt gehad bij onze zuiderburen.

2:34 AM

Blogger Tessa Tegendraads said...

Wow leuk voor scrap! De lange vinger koekjes zien er lekker uit zeg, goed idee denk dat de meiden hier daar ook wel voor te porren zijn :-)

Groetjes van Tessa

3:06 AM

Blogger Je@net said...

Wat een boel nieuwtjes zeg!!
Lange vingers zien er heel lekker uit! Zocht nog naar een leuk ideetje voor mijn verjaardag op het kindercentrum.....geloof dat ik het nu gevonden heb ;-)
Hoop dat de workshop een succes was, maar dat kan eigenlijk niet anders!

10:34 AM

Blogger Mireille said...

man... for sale in germany?? How cool.. and your bag rocks.. wanting to make one for me too! such an awesome idea..
LOVE that pic of your lil one btw.. she has such beautiful eyes!

11:19 AM

Blogger Aimee Ann said...

congrats on the mag and those cookies look scrumptious!!

11:45 PM

Blogger Design Team Memory Lane Scrapbooking said...

wat fijn dat jullie huis is verkocht. leuk die lange vingers, is weer eens wat anders dan koekjes bakken.

1:54 AM

Blogger scrappy jen d said...

"Hi Birgit,
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
Great that SCRAP IS AVAILABLE in Germany as well!
I have to buy it tomorrow, because I don't want to miss your work!
Hug, Jen.

By the way.....The chocolate-dip looks really like YUMMIE!

12:51 PM

Anonymous printer ram said...

Another neat project for the future is to write down mini stories of your life. One page or half page stories of various topics: food I liked, my favorite pet, my first house, my first car, etc. etc. My mom is writing a story each week and I will help her bind them and she will give them to each child for Christmas. What a treasure! Being the scrapper that I am, I may add photos for her so she has a photo history as well.

5:15 AM

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