Monday, November 05, 2007

Operation shoe box

Every year the school of our children participates in a project called operation shoe box (operatie schoenendoos/schoenmaatjes). This project is an initiative from Edukans. Children in the Netherlands decorate a shoebox and fill it with school supplies, toiletries and toys for children in poor countries. Every year ten thousands of children participate. We've done it ever since our oldest went to school. We always make one boy box and one girl box. This week the boxes have to be delivered at school and then they will be send as presents to children far away. This year the boxes will go to kids in a.o. Pakistan, Malawi and Kenya.

So, over the weekend we've been decorating, well actually Marlijn has been decorating :)

And when that part is done the boxes need to be filled. The hardest part for the children always was that they have to put one of their own toys in the box. The easiest way, of course, is that I just buy everything. But I want them to feel like THEY really did something for another child. Also I want them to be aware of the fact that they are very rich in a lot of ways and that there are milions of children that have nothing at all!

So at lunchtime today the boxes were ready except for the "one-of-your-own-toys-has-to-go-in-there-part". I took Marlijn to her room and talked to her about all the stuffed animals she has, to many to play with, and that somewhere there was a little girl that would get Marlijns box and that she would be very happy to find one of Marlijns "knuffels" in there. I showed her 4 of her stuffed animals and asked her which one should make another girl happy and she choose this one. Just that easy, no tears, no "but I love that one so much myself!" She just said: "this one is so nice and soft, I'm sure she'll love it!" I guess you'll understand she made her mommy feel very proud of her today!

If you're insterested in reading more about the other great initiatives of Edukans you can visit their website at! There's a link to an international page on the right side of the homepage that gives information in english.

Have a nice day!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We vulden altijd met plezier de schoenendozen toen mijn kids nog op de lagere school zaten,helaas doen de hogere scholen niet mee maar over een klein jaartje heb ik er weer eentje die dozen gaat sparen :DDD

7:08 AM

Blogger ~Nancy~ said...

Such a wonderful project! WOW!!! And soo good of your little girl to pick one of her own toys to put in the box too!! XOXO

9:02 AM

Blogger R said...

Dat is zo'n goede actie!!! En wat lief dat ze die knuffel heeft uitgekozen + de reden! Geweldig!!!

11:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great project!! Such a cute gesture of your little girl!

1:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wij zijn ook al dagen bezig om spullen te kopen en uit te zoeken en kunnen inmiddels wel 3 dozen vullen...

Ps waar blijven die lelijke Lo-tjes van zaterdag hihi

3:16 PM

Blogger Janine Langer said...

What a great project! And look at her, she's so cute, what a great gesture!

12:57 AM

Blogger A said...

Wat lief dat ze haar knuffel meegeeft in de doos!! Ze heeft een goeie"knuffelsmaak" het is een schatje!


1:54 PM


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