Friday, November 09, 2007

a little toot...

Scrapbook Trends magazine requested 2 more of my LO's. They are for an upcoming book! Yay! I'm so excited. This makes 5 of them in total, guess they like my work :)

I found something I made for the summer issue of SAZ and forgot to show, so I will now... My altered candy tin:

The word Candy was on there, everything else was added. I used rubons and a black pen. The green strip under the swirl is gaffer tape. Chipboard elements by MM.
I feel a bad, bad cold coming up, my head and throat are hurting and my nose is running constantly and now I even start sneezing. I went to the farmacy this afternoon to get me some strong medication so I hope I won't get really sick. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway.... It's weekend! Enjoy!



Blogger M@risk@ said...

Congrats on your toot and yes your work is awesome. Hope you don't get the flue. Have a nice weekend.

1:39 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

gefeliciteerd met je 'toot', maar je maakt dan ook erg mooie dingen!! Vind het candy blik echt super gaaf!!

2:27 PM

Blogger ~Nancy~ said...

WOOHOOO on your TOOT! So excited for you.. they definitely like your work.. that's for sure..and I agree with them!!!!! Love he altered can! So cute!!!!

3:36 AM

Blogger sollie said...

Oeps, hopelijk is het maar een kleine verkoudheid. Verzorg je goed!! Pretig weekend!!
groetjes Isolde

6:10 AM

Blogger Marjolein said...

Yeeeeeeeeh, great, congrats on your TOOT!! And hey, what's not to like about your work, it's great!
LOVE the altered tin!!!
Hope you won't get sick, I know what you're talking about, feel the same way...yuk!

Hey, I heard you met Jenny?? She's gonna be on a DT you're in?! She's such a nice girl, met her through the wonderful world of blogging!!!

7:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on your toot!! Love the sweets-can too, wow, and scrolling down i see i have missed a lot... BEAUTIFUL cards, layouts, kidz boxes n' beads and MORE! Had a lot of catching up to do!

12:40 PM

Blogger R said...

Wow that's great, hurray on the toot!!! And I love the tin, it is great!!!

I hope you feel better soon!!

1:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big congrats on your TOOT!!! You always make great things so you really deserve it :-)
Get well soon!

2:45 AM

Blogger Christiane said...

yihaa! big congrats on your toot!! you could be sure that my fingers are crossed!!

5:05 AM

Blogger Ingrid said...

Congrats on your TOOT! Your work is awesome, so I fully understand why they requested for your work.

I love the altered tin. Great job!

8:23 AM

Blogger Fauve Design said...

wooooooohoo!!Congrats girl :)

8:29 AM

Blogger Mireille said...

YAY! Congrats!!!

12:07 PM

Blogger Mirjam said...

Well, what can I say, you make scrapping Holland proud! Congratz!! Hope your cold passed by.

1:58 PM

Blogger Emine_Pala_Art_22 said...

Congrats birgit. Gorgeous alter can here ;)

I hope you feel better now


2:12 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

Congrats with your toot!!! Your work is more then beautiful...

Hope you feel better now!!!

12:13 AM

Blogger Scrappermania said...

So cute!

5:57 PM

Blogger D@nielle said...

cute & congrats !

12:43 PM


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