Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We'll be moving house!!!

I still hardly can believe it... Friday afternoon we got a phone call that the owners of the house we wanted to buy accepted our offer. I'm very happy and excited, but somehow it feels very unreal. We will get the key at the first of august, that means we have some time to organise, get rid of a lot of stuff and make plans. The inside of the house looks terrible, there is sooo much we need to do there but we could see trough it and know it has the possibilities to becaome just the house we want to have. In the new house I will get my own scrap studio, woohoo! We have to do some building for that so my head is full of plans about how I want it to be.
In the beginning I will have a room at the attic so I can still crop with about 4 people as long as my studio isn't ready. Sigh... wish it was already august....

This is it...

Sunday and yesterday I've been working at the Kars event I talked about in my latest blog entry. Kars is wholesales company in craft supplies. Not only scrapbooking but for every hobby you can imagine. There were 8 women demonstrating scrapbooking and we were sitting all together and we had so much fun! I had such a great time, love doing these kind of things.
As I said before I had to demonstrate K&Co. Neopolitan and Maison. Last week I made my first altered coaster and was nicely surprised to find out that Provocraft makes some very nice coasters. One of the other women was demonstrating Provocraft Rob&Bob and I "stole" some of her coasters. Once I started working on them I got a little carried away. In no time I had 4 of them and asked one of the other ladies for a canvas wich I painted green and adhered the coasters on. This is the result:

I also made this LO of Marlijn. The letters used to make "little miss" are made with the Cricut machine by Provocraft. The machine was being demonstrated this weekend and it's amazing. The best part is they say that it will be computer compatible soon! But even now it's not compatible yet, they say you can make up to 2000-2500 shapes, letters and combinations using just one cartridge. I think I want this machine as soon as it can work with the computer...

The last thing I want to share today is my very first altered coaster I made last week.
I was inspired to try this by Keisha (klcards) on 2Peas. OK, this was my first attemp, but I enjoyed doing it very much, so there will be more. Hope they will get better in time.
In the mean time you can have a look at Keisha's lovely coasters and LO's at 2Peas:

That's it for today, thanks for visiting my blog!


Blogger Adrienne said...

Congrats on the new house! LOVE YOUR LO's!!!! Great stuff!!!

6:57 AM

Blogger rev said...

He Birgit, zo, dus het verhuisvirus heeft ook jou in zijn greep ;-). Wij hebben nog 3 weken.... en het is nog een ruïne LOL. Ach, ik weet dat het goedkomt. Jouw huis ziet er echt super uit zeg. En eigen scrapstudio: kijk daar ga je voor natuurlijk! Wat een ontzettend gave coasters (zijn toch onderzetters?) heb je gemaakt! Super. Mooie dingen heb je gemaakt!

1:57 PM

Blogger Karen (Cupcake) Carter said...

Congratulations on the new house, my friend! I am so happy for your family. Love the great stuff you've been creating and sharing. I wish I had some of your talent.

3:17 PM

Blogger corinne5 said...

ooh birgit dit ziet er supergaaf uit! je gaat nu mijn mini-bookje van onderzetters erg leuk vinden, je krijgt overigens deze week de kit van Anita!! je nieuw huis ziet er echt supermooi uit!


9:56 PM

Blogger Sophie P. Waquet said...

as always your new creations are so beautiful. i really love your work! thank you for showing, you inspire me!
congratulations for your new home...

1:27 AM


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