Thursday, February 02, 2006

My poor neglected blog...

Oh, I've been neglecting my blog so badly... and now I don't now where to start.

I've been doing a lot of scrapping and since i'm a very slow scrapper it takes a lot of time. Even the most simple LO's take me hours of thinking, arranging and re-arranging.
For most of my scrapping the last 2 weeks the paper choice was made easy for me. Most times deciding what paper to use is the hardest part. But now I had to make examples for a demonstration using K&Co. and LO's for the DT I'm in using the monthly kit.
So far so good.... although... now the problem was to find pictures that looked good with the paper *LOL*
What really needed to be done were the LO's using K&Co. Coming weekend I will be demonstrating for Kars, a Dutch wholesales company, who wants to introduce the Maison and Neopolitan paper lines by K&Co. to the craftshop-owners. Here are just a few of the examples I made:

The first 2 are made using Neopolitan, I love the bright colors, the metal brads and the glass stickers. The first is a little canvas about 20x20cm (8x8") witch I painted apple green. Used the cool rubon stitches on this one.

The last 2 are using Maison, the little minibook goes inside the box that closes with a magnet. The LO is about me, Anita and Corinne, 3 women with the same passion... scrapbooking :)
The picture was taken during the National Scrapcruise last october where we had so much fun!!

The other thing I've been working on is the LO's for scrap-club where I'm a DT-member.
The february kit is all in Valentine's style featuring SEI. I love these papers.
Here's what I made with them (so far):

And between all that I even did some scrapping of my own.
This picture of Marlijn is one of my favorites, I used it before but couldn't help myself using it again.
I really, really like how this LO turned out, even though both dear husband and dear daugther aske if it was finished already. They thought it was so empty, but is is just the way I planned it. And believe me, it looks much better IRL! :)
Journaling reads:
When I look at you
I can imagine
ten years from now
boys figthing
over you...
When I look at you
I'm happy
I don't have
to worry
about that yet!
-september 2005-

Something else that's been on my mind is the school choice for my oldest daugther. She in 8th grade (in dutch schools that's 11-12 years) and has to make a choice for secondary education to wich she will be going after summer vacation. We've seen 3 school so far and one of them is definitly not her choice so that leaves 2. She wants to go to some open classes next week at the school she likes most to see how they work there. This school is her first choice because of the classes music, drama and dance they teach there, something that is not common on most secundary schools in the Netherlands.
So, I think this is quit a choice to make. The choice we make now will be so important for her future, but I think her feeling about the school will have to make the decision now, since we think both schools would be good for her.

OK, that's enough for now, I will try to keep this blog more up to date than it was lately :)


Blogger corinne5 said...

wow jij bent lekker bezig geweest! ziet er allemaal erg goed uit hoor!


5:03 AM

Blogger Adrienne said...

BEAUTIFUL LO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Birgit,

So nice to hear from you again. You've been a busy bee from the looks of things. Love the layouts. I particularly like the 'friends' layout for terrific stitch work you did on it.

As for the high school issue, I sympathize. It's so tough to chose, not only for us parents, but also for the kids. Personally, I find they are way too young to be confronted with such an important decision. They still have so much to learn. However, what helped me in my decision was to consider which school and which programme Julian would be the happiest in, thereby securing a high school diploma and motivation to study further afterwards. Julian is now in his third year of high school and things are looking good so far.

Anyways, good luck to you and your daughter. Let us know what you two have decided on.

Take care,

11:39 AM

Blogger rev said...

Hi Birgit,
I've been visiting your blog daily and now this was a nice surprise to see a new post ;-p. I really LOVE your lo's. Great work. And i'm glad I don't have to think about secundary education. Sanne is 2,5 so we have to choose her first school now....
Have a nice weekend!

4:27 AM


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